Caplinked Virtual Data Rooms

Simplify your workflow and securely share business files


Securely manage documents and M&A activity, perform due diligence, and handle contract negotiations

CapLinked provides secure and easy-to-use virtual data room solutions, which serve as central platforms for enterprises and outside collaborators to come together and share sensitive information easily and securely.

CapLinked is more than just document management software – setup your workspace data room in under 10 minutes, then edit, share, and collaborate on documents faster than ever before with our intuitive interface. No more emailing documents back and forth and losing track of you and your clients’ confidential information. CapLinked’s virtual data room solution lets you focus on your deals, not your VDR.

Welcome to your new virtual data room for sharing information and closing the deals that matter.

Your deal from start to finish:

1. Upload

Managing thousands (or more) of protected documents has never been this fast or easy.

2. Invite

Advanced permissions control who gets virtual data room access at all times to as many people as you want.

3. Collaborate

Q&A, versioning, notifications, and mobile access are just a few ways. Get a demo to learn more.

4. Track

Downloads, uploads, views, updates, comments, and custom reports. Even control file access after download from your virtual data room with FileProtect DRM.

Do more with a superior virtual data room

What is superior about CapLinked virtual data rooms? CapLinked provides a modern, intuitive virtual data room that securely stores your most sensitive documents. Setup takes less than 10 minutes, and our user-friendly client portal software means you can focus on your deal, not navigating outdated technology. With industry-leading security credentials and customizable permission settings, you can securely share documents from your data room with external parties without worrying about your information ending up in the wrong hands. CapLinked is document management software made simple – why make your virtual data room more complicated than it needs to be?

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Why choose CapLinked Virtual Data Rooms?

CapLinked is easier, faster, and more secure than other virtual data rooms and enterprise document sharing solutions. Spend more time closing deals and less time worrying about data security — regardless of project size or scale.

easy to use virtual data room
Ease of Use

Sharing files through CapLinked is easier, faster, and more centralized than through an FTP server or via email. Access your CapLinked virtual data room through your browser from any desktop or mobile device (Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone) without the hassle of additional software or plugins. Our proprietary VDR technology automatically formats your uploaded files to make them viewable in your browser.

Enhanced Productivity

Create and share your CapLinked virtual workspace in under 10 minutes. Customize your virtual data room with a fully configurable platform that lets you control security, permissions, and notification settings. Configure users into teams to help keep track of multiple workspaces and to collaborate with colleagues. Helpful tools like Activity Tracker and Q&A keep everyone on the same page and can facilitate due diligence, audits, and other critical processes.

World-Class Security

CapLinked is SSAE16 Type II and ISO 27001 certified, and all data is hosted and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) via their secure data centers. You won’t find a more secure virtual data room. We don’t rely on insecure applications to protect your sensitive information. Workspaces are private and permission-based—only administrators can control who can access which files. Watermarking and digital rights management (DRM) tools allow full control over distributed documents. CapLinked is the most secure VDR and document management software on the market.

Clear Pricing

Unlike many legacy M&A data room providers, CapLinked offers transparent and flexible virtual data room pricing for any sized deal, project, or enterprise. Base your contract around the usage that best fits how you work, whether it’s per user, per page, or per gigabyte, and never pay a single hidden fee or surprise cost. CapLinked also offers usage-price tiers to provide per-unit savings as usage volume increases. CapLinked can scale with your business, from startup to international powerhouse. A CapLinked online deal room is perfect for deals of any size.

Client Success

You’re never alone in achieving your project goals with CapLinked. Receive unlimited phone and email support, 24/7/365 from our world-class technical specialists. Your dedicated account representative can train your entire project team and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Green shield with checkmark showing file encryption security for virtual data rooms.

Digital Rights Management

Protect confidential or sensitive files in your virtual data room, even after they’ve been downloaded, using plugin-free Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Manage access permissions for viewing and printing, or completely revoke access to a file once it’s been downloaded from your data room. With DRM enabled, you have secure document control at your fingertips.

CapLinked data room integrations

Seamless Integration

Connect your CapLinked virtual data room to your CRM, file storage platform, or any other application, to create a seamless user experience. Import contacts, files, and entire folder structures with the click of a button. The CapLinked API lets you integrate robust security modules into your own proprietary application so you can share files securely. CapLinked virtual data rooms can be customized to suit your exact needs.

Unrivaled Virtual Data Room Customer Support

Does your data room provider offer 24/7/365 support? You’re never alone in achieving your virtual data security goals with CapLinked virtual data rooms. Our dedicated customer success team is available 24/7/365 to help with your virtual data room: data migration, Workspace setup, customized activity reporting and everything in between. No matter what stage of a project you’re in, CapLinked is here to help.

  • Immediate Availability: Multi-lingual phone and email support is available to all clients 24/7/365.
  • Complete Support: Once your Workspace is up and running, we’re here to help with team training, data management, or any other phase of your project.
  • Customized Services: from full audit support to customized reporting, we’re here to make sure the information you need is available at your fingertips.

The CapLinked Virtual Data Room Difference

Secure Document Sharing

Share all major file types with enterprise-grade security and 24/7 expert support.

Work Faster

Accelerate your workflow with integrated and flexible enterprise-tested solutions.

No Plugins

CapLinked virtual data rooms require no external plug-ins and work with all major desktop and mobile systems.

Digital Rights Management

We know security is crucial; keep control of access to your files even after they are downloaded from your virtual data room.

The World’s Largest Enterprises

Trust CapLinked Virtual Data Rooms

Online data room for venture capital
data room software for tech companies
“At 500 Startups, we wanted a faster, easier, and more predictably priced data room platform to close deals and raise funds with less effort. CapLinked delivered on all of those fronts. CapLinked is easy to use and populate, and new workspaces can be set up in minutes, not hours or days. We transitioned our data room requirements to CapLinked in 2015 and couldn’t be more pleased with our decision”.
– Aman Verjee, COO at 500 Startups
“We have integrated CapLinked into many aspects of our business – raising capital from and communicating with LPs, managing our pipeline of potential investments, and leveraging the platform for our portfolio companies to raise subsequent rounds of financing. Not only is it incredibly simple to use for all parties and a huge time saver, but it allows us to carefully control the flow of confidential information in a non-cumbersome way. Furthermore, it allows us to track how existing and potential investors engage with the information we make available, which in turn better informs us as to which people are most interested, and what content is of most value to share. We previously experimented with other applications, and everything pales in comparison to CapLinked’s functionality and feature set!”
– Geoffrey Bernstein, Co-founder and General Partner at Indicator Ventures
JP Morgan Chase
Ernst & Young
  • “CapLinked delivers the goods. CapLinked’s elegantly simple yet robust modern technology eliminates the roadblocks and headaches I’ve experienced with competing platforms of yesteryear.”

    Senior Associate, American Capital
  • “CapLinked on average can reduce the amount of time spent performing due diligence on a sizable loan portfolio by 20% to 30%.”

    Senior Director, Investment Bank
  • “CapLinked is the best thing ever. I love it! I am a huge fan of your system.”

    Director, Sunbelt Pasadena
  • “Our experience with CapLinked has been excellent. They’ve provided us with an easy to use, efficient solution to manage timely and secure access to our key documents across the globe.”

    Corporate Counsel, 500 Startups
Leila Tuchez

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