Asset Sales & Purchases

CapLinked is the most secure and easy-to-use platform for buying or selling an asset. CapLinked provides a central location for reviewing due diligence documents, informing potential buyers about the asset, and making those documents available to appropriate parties. With CapLinked, prospective buyers, legal counsel, and colleagues do not need to download separate software to get involved with the asset sale. Reports are easy to download and make it simple to maintain a full audit trail during and after the asset sales process.

Why use CapLinked for asset sales and purchases?

  • Communicate with potential buyers using an intuitive platform that keeps documents and correspondence in one, centralized location.
  • Comprehensive activity tracking makes generating and managing a full audit trail during and after the asset sale process quick and easy.
  • CapLinked works without plug-ins or extraneous downloads, so prospective investors, legal counsel, and colleagues can stay in the loop without involving IT or any extra hassle.

“We deployed CapLinked to support our lender and shareholder reporting after we sold our firm in 2013. It has been very helpful to us and enabled paperless reporting, lender audits, and more. We saved more in report production and distribution costs than the service cost us.”

-CFO, Sokolove Law

Discover how CapLinked can help close your deal faster.