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Asset & Tax Audit Management Software

CapLinked is designed for seamless business project management, tracking document activity for investors, shareholders, board members, consultants, auditors, and employees, reducing the heavy stress associated with complicated projects. Our audit asset management tools help users keep track of who’s viewed and downloaded any relevant documents, from an auditor’s letter of consent to highly confidential financial information. CapLinked keeps sensitive documents secure and centrally located, while also making it simple to share information and get everyone up to speed.

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Why use CapLinked for audits?

What is Tax Form Management and Why is it Important?

Tax form management is a secure digital system for safely storing and tracking tax forms, information returns, direct deposit information, and more. A tax form management system can function as a secure, digital vault that enables key stakeholders to upload, organize, and keep track of sensitive documents. 

Investors, shareholders, consultants, auditors, and more can leverage our intuitive business project management tools to locate forms and audit tax information. Forget rifling through the filing cabinet—CapLinked ensures that the essential documents are always at hand, so that you can jump right into the following tasks:

  • Distribution – Whether you’re distributing an electronic PDF or a mailed paper copy, our tax management system easily create shareable and downloadable versions of tax documents and additional resources. 
  • Corrections – By keeping your documents centrally located, we shrink the time it takes to make amendments and apply updates across forms. 
  • Year-end filing – Streamline year-end filing by organizing your IRS forms in a secure virtual vault. Easily share documents with tax professionals and consultants so that you can stay current on federal income tax, state tax information, and various eligible deductions. 

The benefits of a strong tax management system include: 

  • Audit management – A well-functioning audit management system can help you ensure your legal and financial documents are in order by tax year and remain easily accessible. Audit management solutions significantly cut down on the time and effort for audit due diligence, internally or externally. 
  • Human Resources department organization – During tax season, your business will need to process a large number of income documents, health coverage information, and other IRS forms before employees can fill out their individual tax returns. You can save payroll and benefits departments a lot of time with a well-organized, intuitive digital system. 

The Right Plan for Your Business

CapLinked has you covered, whether conducting due diligence and closing deals are a part of your business’s core initiatives, or you just need a data room for a one-off project.


Our enterprise plan is ideal for companies that conduct due diligence and close deals as part of their core business functions. Enterprise clients receive exclusive access to Concierge Services.

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Our starter virtual data room plan grants teams access to the secure document sharing and advanced security features they need.


($299/month after the 1st month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Without using a secure virtual data room, data can be breached through unwanted external sources and password sharing.

While there are endless ways to share files online, the most secure way to transfer confidential information is through a virtual data room (VDR) that protects and encrypts your data end-to-end. Caplinked provides a secure platform to conduct and share information with ease.

You need to evaluate each online file sharing platform based on several essential factors, from the control capabilities, compliance and industry standards, to customer service. Please read the 7 features each document security system should have.

No, those online sharing platforms don’t provide enough security for your due diligence. In 2016, file hosting site Dropbox was hacked. Millions of people had their login credentials exposed, which prompted the company to reset all passwords going back four years. Learn more which secure file sharing platform you should use here.

A transaction room allows all parties to sign documents easily. However, it may not be a secure file sharing platform. In some situations, such as due diligence before an M&A deal, may require a higher level of security that a virtual data room provides. Know the difference between a transaction room and VDR before sharing any file online.

The due diligence process before a merger and acquisition deal will work on highly confidential documents like financial statements, assets, employees data and payroll. In addition to that, there are several parties working on the report. CapLinked makes it easier to compile your due diligence report by enabling your staff to track changes in files, manage file permissions, and even revoke access after download.

You can secure your Word Documents by making them Read-Only and/or encrypt them with a password. However, if you are working on highly sensitive materials, individual document protection is not enough.

You should encrypt your business documents, especially if they contain confidential information and will be shared with multiple people. The level of encryption may vary depending on your business needs. Learn more about types of encryption here.

CapLinked provides a secure document sharing platform for all types of business. It enables different parties to share data and communicate without the risk of any information breach.

User access can by monitored, adjusted, and/or removed at anytime by administrators to the dataroom via the Permissions module on the CapLinked browser.

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