Dropbox Data Breach and Truely Secure File Sharing

Here at CapLinked, we’re often asked by potential clients “Why should I pay more for CapLinked? Isn’t data storage dirt cheap?” It’s true, cloud storage platforms often offer file sharing starting at less than $10 per user per month. And these platforms are great for quickly sharing personal files like pictures, videos, and music with friends and family. They’re even useful…


A New Deal to Replace Safe Harbour Principles

  In 1980, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development decided there were 7 principles which personal data should be protected: Notice, Choice, Onward transfer, Access, Security, Data Integrity, and Enforcement. In 1995, the European Union executed the Data Protective Directive which permitted companies running in the European Union to send personal data to countries…


A Look into the Cloud-based File Synchronization and Sharing Market

In this day in age, file sharing is done almost exclusively online. Many businesses choose to share their files through email. Osterman Research states, “While email is the primary tool for sharing content in most organizations, it has serious limitations”. These limitations can put your files and information at risk. Unlike most file sharing platforms, CapLinked…