Slack notifications using the Caplinked API

  Integrating 3rd party API’s into your business can greatly improve efficiency and promote productivity.  Given that there are an estimated 50,000 API’s out there, it’s sometimes difficult to find out which API will actually benefit your organization. Here at Caplinked, we’re set on utilizing and providing the best of API services. Using the Caplinked API, a developer can…


CapLinked’s CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg TV

  Earlier this week CapLinked CEO Eric M. Jackson was interviewed on the Bloomberg Technology show, where he shared insight on Elon Musk from his time as a member of the early team at PayPal. The discussion ranged from Tesla’s expansion into the Middle East to Musk’s decision to participate on a White House advisory council. Jackson also touched on…


InfoSec-as-a-Service Changes How Companies Protect Externally Shared Information

Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 16, 2016) — CapLinked, the leading developer of secure document sharing solutions for enterprises, today announced the release of a revolutionary new set of Information Security (InfoSec) tools designed to help companies protect information that’s shared with external parties. Called “InfoSec-as-a-Service,” this API-powered offering will enable enterprises to build customized solutions…


CapLinked at the 2016 BoxWorks Conference

Last week, CapLinked CEO, Eric Jackson, and CTO, Jordan Fowler, attended the annual BoxWorks customer conference in the heart of San Francisco. Box introduced “new Box” and an updated, streamlined file system design, with the goal of cementing Box’s position as the ultimate content management solution for enterprises. Box also announced Box Relay and new collaboration functionality, hoping to simplify the act…