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Stay up to date on the latest industry news and trends, and don’t miss CapLinked product and company announcements. From file-sharing news to the latest data privacy law updates, we cover the data security topics your business needs to know.

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How to Choose The Best Virtual Data Room

How to Choose The Best Virtual Data Room

Have cold feet about committing to a virtual data room provider? It’s understandable. You want…
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Use Cases For Virtual Data Rooms + Benefits

Use Cases For Virtual Data Rooms + Benefits

The term “virtual data room” may initially sound like another fancy, new-age tech solution your…
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What is a Data Room For Investors?

What is a Data Room For Investors?

Investing is all about making informed decisions, but with mountains of data and documents to…
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The Importance of Virtual Data Rooms

The Importance of Virtual Data Rooms

Since the turn of the century, virtual data rooms (VDRs) have revolutionized how organizations and…
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Everything You Need to Know About Due Diligence Software

Everything You Need to Know About Due Diligence Software

Navigating the due diligence process during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be a daunting task.…
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7 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Virtual Data Room

7 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Virtual Data Room

Launching a startup is like riding a rollercoaster—exciting, fast-paced, and sometimes a bit terrifying. Amidst…
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Making the Leap: Why it’s Time to Move Away From Antiquated VDRs

In the rapidly evolving world of business, the importance of secure document sharing cannot be…
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healthcare m&a pill bottle

Healthcare M&A: Market Trends & Opportunities to Know for 2024

Following some positive trends in the market, healthcare M&A in 2024 is set to boom.…
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men discussing strategic alliance

Is a Strategic Alliance the Right Structure for Your Deal?

Is a Strategic Alliance the Right Structure for Your Deal? Businesses are always on the…
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The Ins and Outs of Leveraged Buyouts

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) come in many shapes and forms. From straightforward M&As, where two…
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Buy-Side vs. Sell-Side M&A Analysts

Buy-Side vs Sell-Side M&A: What You Need to Know

Buy Side vs. Sell Side in M&A Business transactions are constantly in motion, with companies…
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how to redact a pdf

How to Efficiently Redact PDFs

Learn how to redact a PDF effectively using Adobe, Mac, and online tools. Our guide…
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streamlined M&A process

How To Streamline the M&A Process

Discover effective strategies to enhance your M&A process & how to optimize negotiations and integration…
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strategically investing in distressed debt

Understanding Distressed Debt Investing

Dive into distressed debt investing with our guide. Understand risks, returns, and strategies for successful…
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man writing business purchase agreement

How to Write a Business Purchase Agreement

Learn what a business purchase agreement looks like and how to draft one effectively. Secure…
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DCF model

Comparing and Contrasting DCF Valuation Models

There is no surefire way to estimate the future value of an investment, but the…
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How to Create an Information Security Program that Allows for Inorganic Growth

Businesses generally grow in one of two ways: organic or inorganic. Organic growth refers to…
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Top 9 Business Valuation Methods

Your company is an important asset. Learning its true value is necessary as you prepare…
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What Is Earnings Per Share, and How Do You Calculate It for M&As?

When entering into an accretive acquisition, it’s important to look at the numbers to determine…
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How to Craft (and Safely Share) a Letter of Intent

How to Craft (and Safely Share) a Letter of Intent Knowing the different types of…
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Recent Trends in Information Security

Understanding the potential effects of recent data security trends on your business can help you stay at the forefront of cyber security solutions. Consider the following work-related data security developments:

  • Mobile security – With the growth of remote work, the mobile cybersecurity trend continues at full speed. Mobile phones store vast amounts of sensitive data, and businesses are adding new security features to safeguard against outside threats. 

  • Zero Trust approaches – To prevent insider threats and to adjust for remote log-ins and access, this security solution requires all users—in and out of the network—to be continuously authenticated and authorized.

Where are Security Trends Headed?

Data security news continues developing alongside scientific breakthroughs, legal changes, and new international threats. Check out the most pressing security issues and data protection topics of tomorrow:

  • Data privacy – Developments in big data and data science have led to more robust laws governing personal data. Stay up to date with evolving privacy regulations. 

  • AI-driven cyber security – Machine learning techniques effectively analyze vast amounts of data to identify potential network-wide cyber threats. 

  • Stronger critical infrastructure – As state-sponsored, international cyber attack strategies become more sophisticated, countries are improving the cyber resilience of their critical infrastructure—the most basic physical and digital security systems for a country to function.

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