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How to Securely Share a PDF

When it comes to securely sharing data, knowing how to password-protect a PDF is just…
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strategic questions for board of directors M&A meeting

M&A Prep: Expect These 7 Questions From the Buy-Side Analyst

They don’t call it due diligence for nothing. Do your M&A homework by prepping for…
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understanding bear hugs in M&A

What You Need to Know About Deploying Bear Hugs in M&A

A bear hug is a hostile takeover strategy — here’s what you need to know…
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environmental due diligence steps

Environmental Due Diligence for Corporate Real Estate Transactions

Environmental due diligence is the process that evaluates the environmental conditions and risks associated with…
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investment banking exit opportunities

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Real Talk on IB Exit Planning

Investment banking exit opportunities enter the convo as soon as you get into IB (or…
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Surviving a Layoff: What to Do When You’re Left Standing

Feeling down after surviving a layoff at Citigroup, Barclays, or Goldman Sachs? You’re not alone.…
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How M&As Shape the Financial World

Mergers and acquisitions are common in business, and finance M&A makes up a large percentage…
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What Is Precedent Transaction Analysis?

What Is Precedent Transaction Analysis?

Precedent transaction analysis is one of the top three methods to value a company. Know…
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Understanding Asset-Based Valuations

How and Why Asset-Based Valuations Are Used

Understanding how and why asset-based valuation is used, how it differs from other common types…
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what is transaction processing

How Transaction Processing Systems Are Key to Protecting Data

Transaction processing systems help businesses of all kinds protect sensitive data. Learn more from Caplinked…
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what is due diligence

Beyond Social Proof: What Is Due Diligence?

What is due diligence, exactly? It's a common question for new entrepreneurs and investors. Learn…
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What Is IP Due Diligence?

What Is IP Due Diligence?

Knowing what IP due diligence is, how it’s used and what is required to perform…
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Second-Party Data Storage and Security

How Second-Party Data Is Collected, Used and Stored

Second-party data is an important part of business today. Knowing exactly what second-party data is,…
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CapLinked GetApp Category Leader

CapLinked Awarded GetApp’s Category Leader for Virtual Data Room Software

Each year, GetApp recognizes the very best in business software, and this year, CapLinked is…
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Navigating Startup Acquisitions

How To Navigate Startup Acquisitions

Startups need to grow, and one of the fastest ways for them to grow is…
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Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

Understanding Private Equity vs. Venture Capital Investing

The terms “private equity” and “venture capital” are often used interchangeably. However, the two terms…
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How To Navigate Financial Distress

5 Business Strategies for Navigating Financial Distress

Keeping a business afloat in challenging or uncertain economic times is difficult. While there is…
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What Is an Executory Contract in Bankruptcy?

What Is an Executory Contract in Bankruptcy?

An executory contract in bankruptcy proceedings is an important thing to know for anybody who…
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6 chapters of bankruptcy

Understanding the 6 Different Chapters of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a common practice in both the personal and corporate worlds. Knowing the different…
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M&A strategies

7 Commonly Used ​​M&A Strategies

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are an everyday type of transaction in the business world, but…
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