As a deal progresses, Workspaces can easily become cluttered with hundreds of files. CapLinked has streamlined document storage by completely revamping the file manager system, accomodating any type of transaction, no matter the number of documents.  The days of paying per page or per document are over.  CapLinked Teams get access to unlimited cloud storage, and can share files with as many people as they wish with no fear of a price increase.  Quickly upload any type of file with our drag-and-drop uploader, or select your files individually to give them proinent exposure. Easily organize files by creating folders, and track who has viewed each file to monitor engagement. Manage permissions at the file-level and set who can view or download to stay in complete control

This new feature is now live for all CapLinked members, so try it out and let us know what you think by emailing us at


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