Announcing the CapLinked Mobile App

Screenshot of caplinked login app view

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our CapLinked Android application! The new mobile application enables workspace and team administrators to manage workspaces and groups on the go. With today’s announcement, the CapLinked mobile app is available on the Play Store.

The mobile app has been one of the most requested products that we’ve been asked to build. When we embarked on developing a mobile platform for our users, we had a great opportunity to refactor and improve the performance and stability of our core infrastructure as well.


The CapLinked mobile app is available for workspace and team administrators on both enterprise and self-serve plans. Administrators can quickly manage user access and group settings with ease, from anywhere with a data or secure WiFi connection.


Our goal was to provide administrators with the functionality they needed most. From within the mobile app, admin users are able to manage:

  • Group level watermarking
  • Group level DRM
  • Group level file-managing abilities
  • Setting group level DRM expirations
  • Setting workspace expirations
  • Renaming groups
  • Removing users from groups and workspaces

Our developers tested multiple designs to ensure that messaging was clear and the application was easy to use and understand.

Security, Reliability, and Performance

Any actions taken on the mobile application are protected with the same secured channels and infrastructure that the online application uses. Communications are secured with industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption.

Our mobile application necessitated refactoring some areas of code that yielded enhanced security and increases in performance. You’ll never have to worry about a slow network preventing you from taking action on the mobile app.

Getting Started

Head over to the Play Store and download the application here.