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The Ins and Outs of Leveraged Buyouts

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) come in many shapes and forms. From straightforward M&As, where two entities combine into one, to more complex ones, like one company acquiring another and then absorbing it, the landscape is very diverse. One type of M&A you might find quite interesting is the leveraged buyout (LBO). This M&A model stands … Read more

Top 9 Business Valuation Methods

Your company is an important asset. Learning its true value is necessary as you prepare for a M&A deal closing process and commercial due diligence. Evaluating a business is science that demands the application of smart company valuation methods. However, keep in mind that buyers and sellers alike use different business valuation methods to assess … Read more

10 Ways Technology Will Change the M&A Process

The process of completing an M&A today, including the M&A deal closing process, is far more efficient than ever before, namely due to the tech boom and rise of the internet over the past quarter-century. Previous generations of M&A transactions would involve reams and reams of documentation, which could easily compromise security, not to mention … Read more