How to Supercharge the Effectiveness of your Acquisition Manager

What is an acquisitions manager? An acquisitions manager oversees a company’s purchasing activities, especially as they relate to the acquisition process or the buying of the assets of other companies in mergers and acquisitions (M&As). An acquisitions manager must take steps to ensure the profitability of each deal as well as the successful merger between … Read more

Cybersecurity and the Future of Interoperability in Healthcare

Interoperability in healthcare refers to how different software and data storage systems, including the customer relationship management systems, content management systems, and even billing systems work together in a compatible and secure way. Interoperability in healthcare systems not only help ensure HIPAA compliance for medical providers and their business associates, but can also lead to … Read more

Intercompany Transactions: Unique Challenges and Solutions in a Remote Work World

Intercompany transactions often carry unique legal and financial challenges for the parent company and its subsidiaries that may benefit from the cash or assets exchanged. Even if both companies do everything “by the books,” with a clear record of transactions, lenders may not look favorably upon intercompany transactions. These types of transactions can also muddy … Read more

How to Streamline Your Statutory Report Process

A statutory financial statement is a kind of statutory report required by every publicly held company. These statutory reports must be shared with stockholders and also filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But even if your company is not publicly held, it’s a smart idea to keep these important financial statements up to date … Read more