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How to Pick the Right FINRA-Approved Cloud Storage Solution

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is the government-authorized agency for overseeing U.S. broker-dealers to ensure that investors are protected and that their needs are served fairly. As a part of its mandate, FINRA has adopted a set of rules and standards for the proper use, storage and retrieval of financial documents. These rules are … Read more

How Much Should a Virtual Data Room Cost?

Comparing the cost of one virtual data room (VDR) to another is much like trying to compare the menus of different restaurants. Some offer buffet-style flat rates, while others have menus akin to “dinner for four” or “dinner for six,” with different options available according to your needs or taste. Still others dress up a … Read more

Crucial Document Security Best Practices

Cybersecurity breaches have become all too common. Incidents of malware, ransomware, trojans and phishing have all spiked at unprecedented rates, with attacks becoming more sophisticated, more coordinated and, when they strike, more devastating to companies than ever before. The security of your most important digital documents should be the last bastion in any organization’s cybersecurity … Read more

How to Send a Secure Email

Considering the constant exposure we have to email-based security breaches, like spoofing, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, you might think that email encryption has become a standard implementation for most companies and email platforms — well, think again. Most platforms today do support encryption, but it’s up to you — or your system admin — … Read more

Keeping Track of Shared Documents Made Easy

Sharing important documents is an act of trust that can have catastrophic consequences for you and your business if it’s not done properly. An unsecured document, or a particular file shared with the wrong person, can expose you to risks that may not become evident for years after the original transaction has been completed.  But … Read more

Understanding VDR Pricing & Introducing Our New Price Match Initiative

As with any business decision, when you’re considering a VDR, you need to balance virtual data room pricing with the benefits your organization will receive. Unfortunately, a growing number of companies are charging far too much for the limited features they offer, while other companies are charging extremely low fees without providing the security and … Read more