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How to Create an Information Security Program that Allows for Inorganic Growth

Businesses generally grow in one of two ways: organic or inorganic. Organic growth refers to “natural” internal efforts to increase revenues, including launching new products and services, distributing to new markets, increasing brand equity to increase price points, and other initiatives to capture more sales and how to build a security program as part of … Read more

Is a PIPE Deal Right for Your Company?

What is a PIPE Deal? A PIPE, or private investment in public equity, refers to the private placement of securities of an already publicly listed company made to selected, accredited institutional investors. Transactions may involve the sale of different asset classes, including common stock, convertible preferred stock, convertible debentures, warrants, or other equity or equity-like … Read more

What Should Be in an Investor Data Room?

When it comes to closing a round of investments, how you present your company — specifically, how you present the documents that measure your company’s strengths and performance — is key. The goal, of course, is to present the most accurate and compelling picture of your company to a group of prospective investors who see … Read more

How to Password-Protect Zip Files

Man with complete access control over computer documents

Zip files are a fast and easy option when you need to share large or multiple files all at once, usually via email. While the technology behind them is quite old, Zip file technology is still great for compressing and sharing large files or multiple files at once via easy-to-transport folders. Rather than share one … Read more