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Death of the VDR Salesman

If necessity is the mother of invention, there’s probably a software solution that’s already been invented to handle that necessity.     Indeed, people often look to technology to handle life’s little confusions. Whether it’s a consumer wondering how to resize a photo or a business person trying to figure out how to convert a … Read more

Why Information Rights Management is More Mission-Critical than Ever Before

Information rights management (IRM) is a discipline that involves managing, controlling and securing content from unauthorized access or compromise.     IRM is a subset of digital rights management (DRM), which protects intellectual property from patent infringement and piracy. IRM focuses on protecting sensitive data and documents, especially data and documents that are exchanged with … Read more

Crucial Ways To Make Filing for Prepackaged Bankruptcy Easier

A prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy, also known as a “pre-pack,” was developed for companies seeking a simplified yet complete restructuring from bankruptcy. The pre-pack offers a quick exit from bankruptcy in anywhere from three to 12 months. As with any Chapter 11 proceeding, the debtor must work closely with creditors to negotiate and reach an … Read more

Why Modern M&A Requires a Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room is essential for modern mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Because the data room serves as a secure, online repository for document storage and sharing, it is imperative for transactions involving dozens of individuals performing due diligence with hundreds of documents. Physical Data Room vs.  Virtual Data Room Physical Data Room A … Read more

Enhanced Due Diligence for Private Equity: What Investors Need To Know

enhanced due diligence private equity

Before entering into an agreement or contract with another party, a company usually conducts due diligence. Due diligence for any transaction minimizes risks and maximizes value for the shareholders and stakeholders involved. According to Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the specific due diligence plan for a private equity transaction is driven by the private equity (PE) fund’s … Read more

How To Secure and Encrypt Word Documents

how to encrypt word document

Whew! You just finished writing an important document in Microsoft Word — and you want to keep it private and secure. What can you do? Let’s have a look at four ways you can add security to your Word documents. You can choose one of these, or a combination of several, to add the most … Read more