We wanted to share with you the press release we just put out about our pitch competition. We think it’s important to give entrepreneurs starting innovative companies ways to get noticed, and we hope this will be able to accomplish that. If you’re starting a company, enter our contest. If you can help us get the word out, please post this on your blog.


Entrepreneurs from across the globe are invited to submit business plans and earn exposure for their companies. The pitch competition is hosted by online investment platform CapLinked and features an All-Star panel of judges from Idealab, Rincon, Rapidfire, and Actarus.

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CapLinked—the online platform for private investment funded by members of the “PayPal Mafia”—announced today that it is launching a worldwide pitch competition for entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to a panel of all-star judges. Company founders and aspiring entrepreneurs of all-stripes are welcome to submit their plans for a chance at fame and glory, as well as international exposure for their company.

Entrepreneurs from all over the globe and in any industry can submit their pitch to CapLinked’s Business Plan Competition. Entrants will be evaluated based on their plan’s originality, strategy, and market opportunity. Finalists will be invited to make a live presentation in an online pitch-off, where they will be evaluated by the competition’s all-star panel of judges, including:

  •     Alex Maleki, member of the New Venture Group at Idealab.
  •     Jim Andelman, general partner of Rincon Venture Partners.
  •     Chris Yeh, angel investor at Rapidfire Partners and VP at PBwiki.
  •     Stephan Paternot, general partner at Actarus Funds and chairman at Slated.

“By organizing this contest, we hope to shine a spotlight on some of most innovative ideas for new companies around the world,” says CapLinked CEO Eric M. Jackson. “Private investment is the lifeblood of new companies, and new companies create jobs and drive economic growth. We want to give innovators a chance to stand out, regardless of where they’re located.”

CapLinked is an online platform that gives private companies, investors, and their advisors tools to manage a capital raise or asset sale, network, and exchange updates. The company announced this summer that over 55,000 individuals and 6,000 companies are using the site to manage the private investing process and share $5 billion worth of deals in a broad variety of industries.

The top 10 entrants in the competition—which is sponsored by Walker Corporate Law Group (http://walkercorporatelaw.com) —will be invited to participate in an online pitch-off judged by the panel. The first, second, and third place winners will be announced on CapLinked’s website and interviewed for our newsletter, as well as profiled in a national press release. The first place winner will also be the subject of a video interview on news site TechZulu, and receive an exclusive strategy session with CapLinked co-founders Jackson and Christopher Grey.

Applicants can apply by creating a free deal room on CapLinked’s website, uploading a slide deck describing their business plan, and sharing the deal with CapLinked’s community manager Sarah Maybach (smm@caplinked.com). The deadline for entering is November 15.

Click here to view the official rules