Do you hate calling customer support? If so, you are not alone. Across industries, from legal services to banking, employees spend hours on the phone with customer support. These calls can be extremely frustrating as they suspend your workflow and waste your time. At CapLinked, we work hard to achieve an accessible and intuitive product to save your time.

The CapLinked website includes many helpful tips on how to successfully use the CapLinked product. The “Product Tour” page includes detailed instructions on how to use various features of CapLinked such as workspaces and dashboards. In addition, the “How It Works” page includes a video that describes the virtual data room provided by CapLinked. The “Security” page outlines all the innovative security features CapLinked employs to keep your sensitive information safe.

Since plug-ins are not required to run the CapLinked product, users don’t have to download additional software to use a workspace. This prevents time-wasting conversations about installation processes between users and customer support. Furthermore, the fact that CapLinked does not rely on plug-ins means you will never have to waste time performing lengthy updates; just sign in and you’re done.

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