Last week, CapLinked CEO, Eric Jackson, and CTO, Jordan Fowler, attended the annual BoxWorks customer conference in the heart of San Francisco. Box introduced “new Box” and an updated, streamlined file system design, with the goal of cementing Box’s position as the ultimate content management solution for enterprises. Box also announced Box Relay and new collaboration functionality, hoping to simplify the act of working with files and collaborating with team members around content stored in Box.

One sentiment that kept cropping up in conversations between Jackson, Fowler and Box officials: both CapLinked and Box share a common vision of delivering APIs to enterprise. More and more businesses around the world are embracing the benefits of the cloud and shifting their operations towards cloud storage and computing solutions. This move has helped improve end-user productivity and facilitated application development.

The truth is, enterprises need flexible solutions that can integrate with existing applications and work processes. The days of enterprises adapting to out-of-the-box SaaS solutions are gone. As Box CEO Aaron Levie proclaimed during the keynote presentation, “No one platform can do it all alone.” Instead, companies both large and small are leaning towards API integration. This “à la carte” approach to delivering SaaS functionality better accommodates the specific needs of clients, offering a truly customizable solution to enterprise problems. And in regards to information security, enterprises need to incorporate data and file protection functionality that don’t disrupt existing workflows.

Thus, CapLinked’s new foray into the API-as-a-Service market couldn’t come at a more opportune time. While Box is focusing on developing enterprise content management solutions, CapLinked, a Box Pro Partner, is extending the Box functionality to further protect that same content. CapLinked is developing its API platform around essential security modules, such as granular file and folder permission controls, comprehensive activity tracking, and, most notably, Digital Rights Management. Box has publicly addressed how they will not be pursuing Digital Rights Management as part of their enterprise solution offerings. As a result, CapLinked will be filling the market void for clients that require an additional layer of security around files stored with Box and empower developers to build their own secure virtual data room.

The Box content platform and CapLinked’s security functionality empower enterprise clients to share information with confidence. As CapLinked drives the idea of “Information-Security-as-a-Service,” with its new API platform, enterprises have better tools than ever before to collaborate more efficiently and to protect their information in the cloud.

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