Keeping track of users in a workspace can be tricky. For small teams, an administrator can easily go in and pull individual reports to determine who has accessed certain documents and how. However, for larger teams, especially those numbering in the dozens and sometimes hundreds, administrators need tools to help them analyze document review activity at scale before drilling down to look at individual use.

This top-level view of document activity is known as Workspace Insights.

CapLinked’s Workspace Insights

Workspace Insights is a workspace analytics dashboard that helps administrators better understand document review workflows. Administrators are now able to quickly access user stats, by group and by individual user, without needing to export reports and review them. Workplace Insights is located on the Activity Tracker page within a workspace. 

The ability to monitor user activity is a critical feature in a virtual data room (VDR) like the one offered by CapLinked. By enabling administrators to track all actions and changes made within the workspace, the document review process as part of a complete due diligence for an M&A or private equity transaction can proceed much more quickly and smoothly. 

In addition to serving as a human security guard or monitor, tracking document activity and participant behaviors, including views, downloads and pages viewed, can help move a transaction along for everyone’s benefit. By better understanding which documents are being actively reviewed and which are not, administrators can inform the management team regarding what is needed in order to maintain the speed of the due diligence process

What’s even better is that workspace administrators now do not have to download reports or sift through dozens of pages or screens to figure out activity level. Using a proprietary algorithm, EZ Insights will rank groups and users, taking into account a variety of activity metrics. This saves time, as groups and individuals demonstrating particular behaviors, such as no views, or the opposite, staying on a document too long, can surface and alert the administrator.

What’s Included in Workspace Insights

Insights displays a recap of activity within two different categories or views, File Data and User Data. Activities related to file access by both groups and individuals will also be ranked, from most active to least active. These analytics are also visualized via a graph for easy reference. 

File Data

The file activity view provides insights into the total files accessed by each group. A workspace administrator can review each ranked group’s workspace visits, ranked by the number of files the group accessed, and that group’s overall workspace activity percentage, compared to that of other groups, from highest to lowest.

When the ranked group is selected, the top files accessed by that group are listed based on frequency of view, duration of view, and how many times each file is downloaded.

User Data

The user activity view focuses on individual user activity within each group. Users are viewed from within the group they are part of. An administrator must select one of the ranked groups, then view the users who contribute the most activity within that group, such as how many times they’ve viewed and downloaded files, and how many times they’ve viewed the workspace. 

Such insights can provide much-needed, time-saving tools for workspace administrators. Rather than view each user and then generate and export reports, which can become quite time-consuming the larger the teams are, a VDR administrator can first view activities by group. 

By better understanding any delays experienced by the group, the administrator can inform that group’s lead or manager first, before escalating any issues to the senior management of the companies, banks, law firms, or accounting firms managing the overall due diligence process. In this way, issues with non-review, tardiness, or perhaps even a too-rapid review can be addressed within that group before possible disruption to other teams.

Why Professionals Need a VDR from CapLinked

To prevent sensitive data from the risk of compromise, a trusted third-party virtual data room for document hosting and sharing at scale is a must. A VDR delivers confidence to all parties that the strongest security measures are in place, and the tools included will help expedite the entire process, making the content and data flow more smoothly and lopping weeks, if not months, off the entire transaction time line. To try the CapLinked solution today and reap the benefits of EZ Insights, start a free trial.

Jake Wengroff writes about technology and financial services. A former technology reporter for CBS Radio, he covers such topics as security, mobility, e-commerce and the Internet of Things.

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