CapLinked has grown by leaps and bounds since our public launch in February. We recently surpassed $10 billion in deals hosted on the site. While we’ve been growing rapidly these past few months, we’ve also been working to overhaul and improve our online service.We’re excited to unveil a completely redesigned and upgraded version of our site. It’s not just the look and feel that’s changed. We’ve rewritten the entire application to make it easier and faster to network with other professionals, securely manage a capital raise or asset sale, and exchange private updates on our site.
So What’s New?
Here’s what you’ll notice the next time you visit our site:


Social Sign-Ins.
In addition to LinkedIn, you can now connect your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts with your CapLinked account to make logging in even easier. To do this, login as you normally would with your password, and then go to your “Edit Account” page to link your social account.

More Ways to Connect.
We’ve improved search and browsing capabilities to make it easier for you to find who you’re looking for. Take advantage of the messaging feature to contact any user on the site.

Keep your eye on deals, companies in your portfolio, and your contacts with Radar. It’s your one-stop destination for updates on your deals and companies. Look for it on your homepage after you login.

Status Updates.
You can now post public status updates on your CapLinked profile, and users who have you in their connections will automatically see your status in their Radar. Likewise, you’ll be able to read updates from your contacts.

Easier Document Uploads.
Adding documents to your deal or company just got easier. Now you can drag and drop files to put them in your deal room for prospective investors or into your company room for your stakeholders.

We’re Just Getting Started…

This new edition of CapLinked is only the beginning. By revamping our website, we’ll be able to move faster as we continue to roll out future improvements to our website.

In the months to come, we’ll be rolling out premium accounts with special features to help users network with new leads, syndicate deals, and manage their company updates. We also plan to launch an API to allow third party applications to access CapLinked.

We’ve also cut back on some under-used features. We noticed that charts in the company room feature weren’t being used often, so we removed them from the new site. Removing less popular features enables us to provide better support for popular ones, such as direct messaging to other users, deal rooms, and document storage.

Talk to Us

Our new and improved site was driven in large part by the feedback we’ve received from our users. Take a moment to login to your account so you can check out all the upgrades.

We want to hear what you think. Send us your feedback to and let us know if you encounter any problems. We’re here to help you get the most out of CapLinked.

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