CapLinked is joining ongoing efforts by SecondMarket and Stocktwits to implement a ticker registration system for private companies. SecondMarket unveiled the concept for private company ticker symbols earlier this year when it created tickers for the nearly 500 companies traded on its site–including the likes of Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, and LinkedIn–and their symbols have already been adopted by Stocktwits, a professional community of investors.

Previously, unique ticker symbols have been reserved for publicly traded securities. CapLinked wants to make tickers typical in the world of private investing. Private companies will benefit from  a unique ticker for use in branding, social media, and investor relations. We hope that many of the companies that use our platform will grow large enough to be traded on SecondMarket and possibly take their CapLinked ticker symbols with them.

Ticker symbols can be reserved on a first-come basis, and the existing symbols already in use on Second Market’s platform or by publicly traded companies will not be available. To reserve a ticker symbol for your business, create a company profile on CapLinked and go to the “Edit Company” page. There you will be able to designate a 3-5 character ticker symbol and register it on our system.

It’s free to create an account and reserve a ticker symbol on CapLinked, and we look forward to rolling out new ways for companies to use their ticker symbols over the months to come.