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IT Advocates For Higher File Transfer Security

A crucial part of an IT department’s role is to ensure secure document sharing. Even though businesses will report file security is a high priority, many do not have the correct tools to implement said security. According to a an Ipswitch survey, “While 76 percent of IT professionals said that being able to securely transfer … Read more

A New Deal to Replace Safe Harbour Principles

In 1980, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development decided there were 7 principles which personal data should be protected: Notice, Choice, Onward transfer, Access, Security, Data Integrity, and Enforcement. In 1995, the European Union executed the Data Protective Directive which permitted companies running in the European Union to send personal data to countries outside … Read more

Whitepaper: The Changing Face of M&A

In today’s unsteady macroeconomic climate, M&A trends are not easily characterized or predicted. The value of transactions is slowly increasing during this economic climate and there is reason for optimism. Companies with the strongest M&A performance are distinguished by their effective strategies and unique toolset. CapLinked’s free whitepaper, The Changing Face of M & A, explains … Read more

How the JOBS Act Changes Investment Options

The U.S. Government recently passed Title II of the JOBS Act, legalizing general solicitation, (marketing), for private securities (private companies). This monumental deregulation of Securities Laws grants companies greater flexibility when prospecting potential investors. Crowdfunding involves fundraising via security offerings directed to the general public. Under previous securities law, this was considered a “public offering” … Read more

Middle Market Trending for a Comeback

The health and prosperity of the United States’ middle market is essential to the continued economic recovery from the “Great Recession”. Based on the latest data, the middle market appears poised for growth. The middle market, defined as companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $1 billion is comprised of approximately 200,000 companies and … Read more

Goodbye, Firewall: Managing Deals in the Cloud

The age of firewalls, onsite servers, and implementation teams is coming to an end. Enterprise software is moving into the cloud, and with it we’re seeing a whole new way of doing business. Companies are increasingly comfortable with web-based software because of the advantages it offers in terms of cost, security, and ease-of-use. As this … Read more

Congress Considers Big Changes to Private Investing Rules

Dan Primack from Fortune reports that the ban on “general solicitation” for private investments could soon be eliminated thanks to a bill introduced in the House of Representatives. According to Primack: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has introduced a short bill that would direct the SEC to “eliminate the prohibition against general solicitation as a requirement … Read more