Increasing insight by providing audit trails of users on the platform

In a global economy changing faster than ever before, the role of the General Counsel (GC) has become pivotal to the success of a company. GCs must identify beneficial business ventures and oversee all legal and regulatory processes to keep their organization running as efficiently as possible. “Big 4” auditor Deloitte recently published The Risk … Read more

CapLinked Named a Noteworthy Product in Capterra 2022 Shortlist for Virtual Data Room Software

CapLinked Makes Capterra’s 2022 Shortlist

CapLinked is honored to take the title of Noteworthy Product in Capterra’s 2022 Shortlist for Virtual Data Room Software, a shoutout we couldn’t have earned without stellar reviews from users just like you. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of Capterra’s history as a curator of outstanding software, and we hope you’ll join … Read more

Understanding VDR Pricing & Introducing Our New Price Match Initiative

As with any business decision, when you’re considering a VDR, you need to balance virtual data room pricing with the benefits your organization will receive. Unfortunately, a growing number of companies are charging far too much for the limited features they offer, while other companies are charging extremely low fees without providing the security and … Read more

One Size Does Not Fit Everyone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] One Size Does Not Fit Everyone   Most people have resigned themselves to wearing off-the-shelf shirts made to also fit millions of other people. To them, a shirt is a commodity. They think a made-to-order shirt is too expensive, or the benefits are negligible. However, after purchasing a custom-tailored shirt, with its perfect sleeve … Read more

Price Match Guarantee Puts Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

CapLinked customer retention is close to 90%. Unlike most companies who hear from customers only when they are mad, CapLinked customers are advocates. Recently they report some frustration that other parties to their deals sometimes force them to use inferior legacy platforms. CapLinked believes customers make more money with fast, secure collaborative team effort. The … Read more

CapLinked Partners With Storj Labs, Moves Enterprise Document Management to Blockchain Technology

CapLinked Partners With Storj Labs, Moves Enterprise Document Management to Blockchain Technology Secure enterprise sharing solution CapLinked embraces decentralized storage by teaming up with Storj Labs, offers permission controls to Storj’s developer community LOS ANGELES – October 10, 2017: CapLinked, an enterprise solution for secure enterprise sharing, today announced a partnership with Storj Labs , … Read more

CapLinked’s Virtual Data Room API

There has never been a way to incorporate the secure and powerful functionality of a virtual data room into custom software–until now. CapLinked has built a complete Virtual Data Room API that allows developers and clients to integrate our secure file sharing and information control tools directly into proprietary and third-party applications. [dt_divider style=”thin” /] … Read more

CapLinked’s CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg TV

  Earlier this week CapLinked CEO Eric M. Jackson was interviewed on the Bloomberg Technology show, where he shared insight on Elon Musk from his time as a member of the early team at PayPal. The discussion ranged from Tesla’s expansion into the Middle East to Musk’s decision to participate on a White House advisory council. Jackson also touched on … Read more