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Careers in Computer Science

Computer Science Zone has recently published an article entitled “The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science.” The article provides the editors’ list of the top 50 jobs to look for in tech development, along with detailed descriptions of what those jobs entail and average salary ranges. Some highlights include: CRM Business Analyst, #48 Project … Read more

3 Ways CapLinked Helps You Close Your M&A Transaction

M & A

Closing an M&A transaction can be very complicated. Sometimes, to close the deal, thousands of documents are needed. Those managing an M&A transaction will find that a unifying, data-sharing application can streamline and simplify the process. That’s where CapLinked, a secure cloud application, comes in. Read below to learn about 3 aspects of CapLinked that … Read more

Is Your Data Secure Online?

GigaOm recently published an article on the ever-increasing importance of data security to the average consumer. Entitled “Data Privacy isn’t political – it’s personal,” the article explains how United States companies are loosing business due to the recent NSA security breaches. An excerpt from the article: “In the post-Snowden world, the location and security of … Read more

Is Your Computer Science Education Preparing You?

TechCrunch recently published an article explaining why the modern computer science education does not currently prepare students to be real-life engineers. Entitled “The Modernization of Computer Science Education,” the article was written by Jay Borenstein, a computer science lecturer at Stanford University and founder of Facebook’s Open Academy. An excerpt from the article: “Most people, … Read more

Manage Your Documents with CapLinked Universal Search

A search tool is an extremely useful feature for any web application. It allows users to filter through material in an efficient manner by searching for a keyword or phrase. This functionality can be especially useful when handling massive amounts of online data for due diligence or any other project-related purposes. Here at CapLinked, our … Read more

Dropbox’s Security Limitations

Dropbox is a great application for sharing non-sensitive information. It allows users to upload files, photos, and other data to a cloud for storage or sharing purposes. However, due to its popularity, Dropbox has now found its way into the business world. In fact, Dropbox has made its way into 70% of companies according to … Read more

Analytics of Business Tech 2014

CloudTech recently published an article entitled “A roundup of analytics, big data and business intelligence forecasts and estimates 2014.” The article, written by Louis Columbus, presents analytics on the current and future business technology world. An excerpt from the article: “From manufacturers looking to gain greater insights into streamlining production, reducing time-to-market and increasing product … Read more

Secure Your Documents with CapLinked Watermarking

A physical paper watermark is an image created by varying densities of paper that can be seen as distinct shades of color. Watermarking items, such as U.S. currency, prevents duplication. Originally, a watermark was something that only existed on paper. Now, digital watermarking has become increasingly popular as more and more sensitive documents are stored … Read more

Shared Links Security Problem Found in Google Drive

ITProPortal recently published an article about a privacy problem that has been discovered in Google Drive. Entitled “Leaky Google Drive lets private data slip,” the article provides insight into the recent security flaw in shared links found in Google Drive. An excerpt from the article: “The flaw posed a risk to files that included a … Read more