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Featured CapLinked User CREX Q&A

Today we’re speaking with Robert Robotti,  founder & CEO at CREX 1) What does your company do? CREX’s is a Commercial Real Estate Advisory firm which identifies “off market”, discount priced deal flow for private and international investors ($5 MM – $100 MM range). The firm specializes in multi-family, student housing, hospitality, self storage and … Read more

Featured CapLinked User DDF Q&A

Today we’re speaking with Michael Marcovici, CEO of DDF. 1) What does your company do? The Domain Developers Fund is the first and only public open-ended investment fund that invests in domains: the Internet´s real estate. Twenty years after the launch of the World Wide Web, there remain many opportunities awaiting exploitation. Some locations in … Read more

Featured CapLinked User MidasLP Q&A

Today we’re speaking with Steven Ogunro, a Partner at MidasLP.       1) What does your company do? MidasLP invests in the world’s best pre-IPO companies. For us, the best companies have high gross and/or net margins, an enormous number of customers, significant global growth prospects and limited competition. Some of the companies that we … Read more

Weekly Roundup: Investor Communications, Angel Exits, and Steve Jobs is Smart

“Mastering The Lost Art of Communicating With Investors” by Peter Bodine (VentureBeat) – A great summary of why staying in touch with your investors is critical, and how it can make or break your business down the line. “What History Tells Us about Helping Small Business” by Barbara Weltman (MyVenturePad)– An interesting retracing of the … Read more