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How to Use CapLinked for Investing in Private Companies

What is CapLinked? How can it help me raise capital, or find investment opportunities? We hear those questions every day from new visitors to our site who are looking to raise money for their company, or who need better tools to manage their investments. If those questions are on your mind, take 2 minutes to … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s IPO

Facebook just filed its S1, a major step in preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) later this year. Given the natural curiosity about the world’s most popular social media site, it’s no surprise that journalists are eagerly pouring over all the numbers being revealed for the first time. For those of you who are too busy to … Read more

Managing an Angel Fund Capital Raise with CapLinked

Today we’re speaking with Christopher Yeh, Silicon Valley Super – Angel.    What does your company do? I have a small angel fund that I set up so that my friends and family could participate in my angel investing activities. What are some of the biggest challenges to raising money for a fund such as … Read more

How CapLinked helped RezVen Partners close an investment round

Today we’re speaking with Anderee Berengian , Principal of RezVen Partners, to learn how his company used CapLinked’s platform to manage their deal documents. What does your company do? We invest in and advise early stage technology companies. How did you use CapLinked? We used CapLinked to close an investment round in a software company and … Read more

How Do You Know When an Investor is Blowing You Off?

An entrepreneur’s most valuable resource is time. Starting and building a company puts extreme stress on the ability of anyone to manage all the different personal and professional responsibilities involved. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for most entrepreneurs. At least that’s true for most of those who are successful. With all of … Read more

Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Are You Mark Zuckerberg, Colonel Sanders, or John DeLorean? Nobody likes to talk about failure. It’s not fun or sexy. We live in a culture that worships success, no matter how you get there, and is disgusted by and afraid of failure, no matter what the reason. This is especially true of entrepreneurs. We live … Read more

What is this Due Diligence Thing Anyway?

One of the least understood, yet most important, parts of the investment business is due diligence. Everybody has a different idea of what it is, why it exists, and how it should be conducted. For many entrepreneurs and brokers, due diligence is the enemy. They fear due diligence will be used and excuse to kill … Read more

What is Your Company or Asset Really Worth?

Do you have the next Facebook, Groupon, or Google? Or do you have the next eToys or Webvan? Do you  have a trophy real estate asset like South Coast Plaza or a broken down strip center out in San Bernadino? Almost everyone who owns a company or an asset tends to overly optimistic about its value. … Read more