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Is a PIPE Deal Right for Your Company?

What is a PIPE Deal? A PIPE, or private investment in public equity, refers to the private placement of securities of an already publicly listed company made to selected, accredited institutional investors. Transactions may involve the sale of different asset classes, including common stock, convertible preferred stock, convertible debentures, warrants, or other equity or equity-like … Read more

Corporate Development Strategies and Tools for Modern Business

Corporations, by nature, are profit-driven and are always looking to create wealth for their shareholders and stakeholders. Decisions on how to accomplish this usually fall under corporate development. Yes, corporate development is a broad term, one that encompasses a lot. What Is Corporate Development? Growth is success, and as mentioned above, corporations have a responsibility … Read more

Is an LPS Investment the Strategy for Your Company?

A limited partnership investment is a common agreement in the business world, particularly in the real estate industry. While the name seems fairly straightforward, certain parts of it need further clarification. Knowing all the nuances is an important step in determining whether it is an appropriate strategy for your company. What Is a Partnership? Simply … Read more

What Should Be in an Investor Data Room?

When it comes to closing a round of investments, how you present your company — specifically, how you present the documents that measure your company’s strengths and performance — is key. The goal, of course, is to present the most accurate and compelling picture of your company to a group of prospective investors who see … Read more

Understanding Successful Short-Form Mergers

The practice of combining (or merging) two different companies certainly sounds easy enough in theory; however, in virtually every instance there is much more to the transaction than is visible on the surface. Every occurrence of a merger and acquisition (commonly abbreviated as M&A) has its own unique nuances, and their success depends on a … Read more