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How To Encrypt Your Sensitive Excel Files to Keep Them Safe

How to Keep Excel Files Safe

Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for organizing and laying out data sets. Not only do Microsoft Office Excel files often hold some of your most important and sensitive information, but that information is presented neatly in spreadsheet form, making it an easily exploitable asset for anyone with bad intentions. This means you must control … Read more

The Importance of Document Management for Healthcare

Protecting sensitive data remains an enormous challenge in virtually every industry, and especially so for industries that are governed by strict privacy regulations like healthcare. Data security is paramount — losing control of patient or facility records isn’t merely an inconvenience — serious legal and financial consequences are at stake here for non-compliance. Knowing how … Read more

How To Build a Document Management Workflow That Works

Your document management workflow design sits at the heart of your company’s productivity, efficiency and security. If you don’t have an efficient document management workflow design, bolstered by a secure, cloud-based electronic document management system, you could be opening your firm up to inefficiencies, lost profits and damaging data breaches. In 2019, nearly 30% of … Read more