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Understanding ‘Pay-to-Play’ Provisions in Future Investment Rounds

venture capital

When it comes to venture capital dealings, there are many terms and nomenclature that are unique to this part of the business world. Terms such as “Post-Money Valuation,” “Letter of Intent (LOI),” and “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” are typically used and probably make no sense to anybody outside of the industry. Another term that is … Read more

5 Ways To Streamline Your Financial Reporting Process

Is your enterprise dreading the creation and distribution of your corporate annual expense report? Much like paying corporate taxes, financial reports remain a necessary evil in today’s business world. Yet, with the right tools and a streamlined financial reporting process, your corporate annual report can be a useful tool for: Securing funding Gaining public favor … Read more

Whitepaper: Leveraging Technology to Raise Capital

Raising capital in the past used to be a relatively straightforward experience. With the advent of new technologies and channels through which to raise capital, there are now more elements of the financing process to consider than ever before. CapLinked’s free Whitepaper, “Leveraging Technology to Raise Capital” examines recent trends in financing and highlights best … Read more

How the JOBS Act Changes Investment Options

The U.S. Government recently passed Title II of the JOBS Act, legalizing general solicitation, (marketing), for private securities (private companies). This monumental deregulation of Securities Laws grants companies greater flexibility when prospecting potential investors. Crowdfunding involves fundraising via security offerings directed to the general public. Under previous securities law, this was considered a “public offering” … Read more