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Are You Still Using a Physical Corporate Record Book? Why You Should Update to a VDR

Companies of all sizes need to maintain documentation of all sorts of things, including records of financial, corporate and legal issues, among others. In the pre-digital age, these documents were just that, hard copy documents. Whether it was Coca-Cola’s “secret formula” kept in a heavily guarded safe or less secure corporate archives, these records needed … Read more

How To Tell the Difference Between Digital ‘Security Theater’ and Real Network Security

Some organizations have strict security policies, with processes and budgets in place to ensure that all devices, apps, networks and even the physical security perimeter are secure from threats. However, some organizations only go so far as to create the illusion that their assets are secure when in reality, they are not. This is called … Read more

Deal Room for Private Equity/VCs Page

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Private equity and venture capital transactions are often highly complex. While there may be fewer legal documents involved than if the companies were public, there is still much to review during the due diligence process to validate or confirm certain details for the transaction to proceed. Indeed, dozens and sometimes hundreds of professionals might be … Read more

Is OneDrive Secure Enough to Handle Sensitive Enterprise Data?

Choosing the right solution for your company’s confidential transaction (M&A, IPO, etc.) is one of the factors that either help or hinder the process, both financially and timewise. Knowing what options are available and the different types of cloud storage will help streamline the process and make an often difficult business transaction flow a little … Read more

Understanding Due Care vs. Due Diligence

In the business and financial sectors, particularly in the milieu of M&As and related types of transactions, two terms that are commonly used are “due care” and “due diligence.” Although similar sounding, these two phrases are not interchangeable, and knowing the difference between them is paramount.     In the course of corporate work in … Read more

Private vs. Public Cloud Storage: What to Know to Keep Your Company’s Data Safe

A lot of people ask “is cloud storage private?”. To answer that it depends on what type of services you need. Whether it’s for personal use or business, how much storage do you require, and how vulnerable your business is to cyberattacks. Public Cloud Storage Public cloud services are exceptionally popular today, with both consumers … Read more

Crucial Document Security Best Practices

Cybersecurity breaches have become all too common. Incidents of malware, ransomware, trojans and phishing have all spiked at unprecedented rates, with attacks becoming more sophisticated, more coordinated and, when they strike, more devastating to companies than ever before. The security of your most important digital documents should be the last bastion in any organization’s cybersecurity … Read more

How to Send a Secure Email

Considering the constant exposure we have to email-based security breaches, like spoofing, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, you might think that email encryption has become a standard implementation for most companies and email platforms — well, think again. Most platforms today do support encryption, but it’s up to you — or your system admin — … Read more