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Virtual Data Protection: Can VDRs Be Hacked?

Hardly a week goes by without a news story of another data breach or hack. Whether it’s mischief caused by professional hackers, amateurs causing chaos for fun, foreign nationals looking to breach government or military computers, or serious cybercriminals intent on holding a network hostage with ransomware, breaches happen frequently, and it’s a dangerous world … Read more

Virtual Data Rooms in Investment Banking

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Investment banking is highly complex. Whether an M&A, private equity, divestiture, recapitalization, bankruptcy or any liquidity event, it’s not simply the C-Suite of the companies involved who must review documents and financial statements. Dozens of external bankers, lawyers, accountants, advisors, consultants and other professionals — from all sides of the transaction — must also be … Read more

RIP Firmex: What the Datasite Acquisition Means for Firmex Users

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Mergers are often difficult to make sense of. Of course, the company owners or investors want to cash out at some point, but rarely are companies mergers of equals. While press releases and newspaper articles might mention “growth” or a “strategic acquisition,” oftentimes, it’s anything but. The acquiring company does all but dissolve the company … Read more

How Much Should a Virtual Data Room Cost?

Comparing the cost of one virtual data room (VDR) to another is much like trying to compare the menus of different restaurants. Some offer buffet-style flat rates, while others have menus akin to “dinner for four” or “dinner for six,” with different options available according to your needs or taste. Still others dress up a … Read more

How to Avoid Information Silos When Using a VDR

Now that we’re well into the information age, it seems that everything is all about the data. Virtually every company has a series of hardware and software systems that help battle inefficiency, but the data and information produced doesn’t always end up in the best place, as far as the big picture is concerned. This … Read more

How to Implement Structure & Naming Conventions to Keep your VDR Organized

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Establishing a consistent naming convention for your files and folders may be the most important investment of time you can make before uploading those files to your virtual data room (VDR) workspace. A few minutes invested today will save you many hours down the road sorting, organizing and searching for files. What’s in a name? … Read more

11 Key Features for Investment Banking Data Rooms

by David Weedmark For years, VDRs have been the standard for mergers and acquisitions. The same qualities that make them ideal for organizing, accessing and sharing sensitive information in a secure and confidential manner during M&As have also made them ideal for investment banks to manage their own information and banking transactions (M&A transactions).   … Read more