Here at CapLinked, we’re often asked by potential clients “Why should I pay more for CapLinked? Isn’t data storage dirt cheap?” It’s true, cloud storage platforms often offer file sharing starting at less than $10 per user per month. And these platforms are great for quickly sharing personal files like pictures, videos, and music with friends and family. They’re even useful for some business cases, say syncing files from the cloud to your internal team’s various devices. It’s also true that data storage is pretty inexpensive. That’s why so many consumer-grade file sharing platforms can offer their services for free or next to nothing. But when you’re sharing files or data that contain sensitive or confidential information, you don’t just want “drop” your data into a box.

In light of Dropbox’s recent data hack, where over 68 million users’ passwords and email addresses were released to the public online, it’s clear that data storage isn’t enough to protect your most sensitive information. Storage is cheap, but it’s data processing that keeps information safe in the cloud. The Dropbox hack demonstrates why businesses need higher security controls, both at the end-user level—via strong passwords, two-step authentication and no reuse of passwords—and throughout the organization.

Information security solutions like CapLinked can actually augment your business’s existing file storage solution by adding a critical layer of security controls and features of a virtual data room, including:

  • Individual file encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Granular User Permissions
  • Real-time Activity Updates
  • Comprehensive Activity Tracking
  • Q&A
  • Watermarking
  • Enterprise Digital Rights Management (a.k.a. Information Rights Management)

These security measures keep sensitive information protected, whether it’s shared internally or externally. Make sure to invest in security procedures that let you know exactly where your data has traveled and how it’s being used in real-time. Pinching pennies on a consumer-grade file storage solution could end up costing you more in the long-run. So when you’re looking for a solution to share confidential or sensitive information, perhaps financial records, client information, or due diligence materials, don’t just store your data. Protect your company from the risk of data loss using the highest security measures available. At the very least, enable two-factor authentication on your accounts! Secure file sharing is nothing to take lightly- take care of your data with Caplinked.