Dropbox is a great application for sharing non-sensitive information. It allows users to upload files, photos, and other data to a cloud for storage or sharing purposes. However, due to its popularity, Dropbox has now found its way into the business world. In fact, Dropbox has made its way into 70% of companies according to Osterman Research. This is a problem since Dropbox is lacking in many key security features necessary for any business-related project.

Business 2 Community recently published an article outlining why Dropbox isn’t suited for business project management. Entitled “6 Reasons Why Dropbox Isn’t Secure Enough for Business,” the article provides insight into the world of cloud applications. An excerpt from the article:

“Business users collaborate on files differently than individuals. Business collaboration requires granular control over permissions to ensure appropriate access levels for dozens of collaborators and stakeholders. This protects against accidental overwrites or deletions, but it also preserves security and secrecy. In this regard, Dropbox falls short: it doesn’t let you customize read and write privileges for individual users.”

CapLinked is built for managing complex deals and projects. Our intuitive interface and unique capabilities promise to save your time by helping you manage your project efficiently. The CapLinked permissions page allows administrators to easily filter-search for users then set customized permission settings. Within this permissions page, administrators can also add or remove multiple members with a single operation. Here at CapLinked, we employ many security features to ensure that your sensitive information is protected on our servers. Finally, CapLinked allows administrators to track activity to see how users interact with the information that has been sent to them, which allows admininstrators to create audit trails. To learn more specifically how CapLinked can help you, schedule a demo today.