Progression in the digital age has made some jobs remarkably easier. In business, the task of moving documents from one source to another has evolved into a faster and more direct process, and there’s greater potential to close deals quickly. In some ways, technology has made the growth of any enterprise a much more successful endeavor.


The problem with digital file management is that it’s extremely difficult to control. Using a service like Caplinked gives you the benefit of digital file sharing, while securing your documents with added methods of protection:


  • Document rights management
  • User permissions
  • File tracking
  • Prompt problem resolution


When you implement the right system of enterprise document control, you can improve both the security and efficiency of your business. The following benefits show you how.


Keep Files Secure


You may have undeniable expertise in whatever industry you specialize in, but your experience may be less so when it comes to file protection. With cyberthieves experimenting with new tactics every day, it can be a challenge to keep up with current trends in digital security. Rather than putting your data at risk, you can outsource the task to someone who knows how to keep your information safe.


Experts at Caplinked stay up to date on methods of data protection, and they take document security very seriously. When your files are managed through this system, you can trust that they are secure.


Make Collaboration Easy


Within your hierarchy, you likely have employees that need to work together. Whether this is for temporary projects or on a permanent basis, sharing information is vital to successful task completion. A trustworthy system that’s easy to use makes this process of sending documents back and forth much simpler.


Externally, you can also collaborate across the globe without having to schedule in-person meetups to share sensitive information. This saves you time and money when consulting third parties or brokering new relationships.


When the process is streamlined, you also may find it easier to seek input from others. The more perspectives you have on a problem, the more effective the solution.


Exert Meticulous Control


Not all business relationships last forever. There are many reasons that you may have to part ways with a professional associate:


  • Termination or resignation of employee
  • Client ends a contract
  • Business deal falls through
  • New vendor opportunities


Whenever a project or relationship dissolves, you need to protect your digital assets. Caplinked prides itself on robust digital rights management, so that you can prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. Manage document permissions as they change to keep access current and secure.


In addition to managing permissions, you can also monitor who has access to what and when. This allows you to see when something isn’t right.


Integrate With Existing Platforms


Third party programs and applications are sometimes necessary to operate your business. Full integration into your business’s visual interface keeps all information organized and easy to access.


Caplinked is equipped with an effective API to make this entire process seamless. Other programs can communicate with document control features to ensure each file is protected. This integration takes all the confusion out of adapting to a new system of file management.


Provide Simple User Interface


The time-saving benefits of any platform can be cancelled out if the interface is confusing or disorganized. You shouldn’t have to invest months of extensive training to get your employees on board with new applications. Instead, you need a system that is intuitive and easy to learn. For those who do struggle with third-party technology, it’s important that you have knowledgeable experts to lend a hand.


Whether you need individual training or collaborative team sessions, Caplinked can get your employees up to speed on any aspect of the new process they feel uncomfortable with.


When your staff knows what they’re doing, they can complete tasks faster. Extra time can then be put towards more profitable opportunities.


Find Answers Quickly


If you run into an issue within your document system, you need it resolved fast. The ability to contact an expert for help is greatly enhanced when that person is already familiar with your business and how it runs.


With the help of Caplinked’s concierge services, you won’t have to worry when problems arise. Your account is staffed with professionals who know your operation and are eager to help you. With 24-hour support, you can be assured that no situation escalates beyond your control. The ability to resolve conflicts quickly is crucial in industries where time is a precious commodity.


Test New Procedures


You should never have to commit to something without all the information. Part of determining whether something will work for you is trying it out. Test periods demonstrate a company’s confidence in its product, and Caplinked makes it possible to enroll in a free trial, so you can see the benefits first hand.


Because you may need extra help getting set up, you’re also able to evaluate the commitment of the customer service team during this trial window. Once you’ve overcome the transitionary period, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of everything that enterprise document control has to offer.


Protecting your information internally can be a handful, and you have little assurance that the methods you use are effective. You don’t want your documents to fall into the wrong hands; trusting the experts can prevent this. Caplinked can help you take control over your files and provide the security you need to do business every day without fear.