People have always been concerned with saving both time and money. Nowadays, people are also concerned with saving the environment. Read below to learn how CapLinked helps you save all three of these priceless things.


At CapLinked, one of our primary emphases is creating an efficient user experience. We prevent you from having to partake in lengthy download and update processes by providing a plug-in-free virtual data room (VDR), which means no updating, excessive loading, or browser compatibility issues. CapLinked also offers features, such as single sign-on capabilities and the universal search function, that allow you to efficiently access information in the workspace. Whether it be a workspace with 10 or 10,000 documents, our efficient functionality translates to a streamlined user workflow.



CapLinked offers the most fair and transparent pricing system of all VDR providers. Instead of surprising you with bills, we have implemented a upfront pricing system in which you always know what you are being charged. Unlike printing documents or using legacy software, CapLinked does not charge on a per-document, per-user, or per-gigabyte basis.

The Environment


According to a report on ForestEthics, “paper production is the third most energy-intensive of all manufacturing industries, using over 12% of all energy in the industrial sector.” In a CapLinked workspace, files, folders, and images can be uploaded and viewed by authorized users. This saves paper by eliminating the need to print out all documents relevant to a project. In addition, CapLinked reduces the number of necessary business flights by allowing users across the world to easily view pertinent information. No need to take a flight to collaborate on a project, just sign in to CapLinked.

To see all of the ways CapLinked can help you manage complex deals and projects, check out our Product Tour page.