Today we’re speaking with Steven Ogunro, a Partner at MidasLP.



1) What does your company do?

MidasLP invests in the world’s best pre-IPO companies. For us, the best companies have high gross and/or net margins, an enormous number of customers, significant global growth prospects and limited competition. Some of the companies that we invest in have more customers or users than the populations of the United States, UK and Switzerland. As of the publication of this form, the fund’s principals completed an investment realization in the largest software venture capital transaction in the United States since 2007 according to the Wall Street Journal generating est. 20x cash returns to investors and have won awards from the International Financing Review ( Our principals publish research based on our analysis of companies, markets and economies and have served as advisers to funds managing in excess of $100 billion in aggregate and are former professionals of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Barclays Capital. We have completed transactions with a number of Forbes 400 Billionaires.

2) How is your product/service different from others in your industry?

Our mandate is global. The unique requirements that we expect from our portfolio companies (extremely large number of highly profitable customers, with room for global growth) means that we have to seek out opportunities globally and our principals have significant experience across the world’s major markets having executed many billions of dollars of transactions here in the United States as well as Europe and Asia. We have lived in all these markets too so know them well. Our clients include one of the oldest and largest alternative asset management firms in the world, a top three bulge bracket investment bank and some of the world’s most respected funds.

 3) How can investors participate in your fund also what is your return expectation and time horizon?

In general our time horizon is intermediate i.e. 2 to 3 years. The latest realization involving one of our principals returned circa 20x to investors. From time to time we do make opportunities available in our fund and we do allow smaller investors to participate. We are a very transparent group. The best way to stay informed is to engage with us in a number of ways. (1) Fill out our accredited investor form at and/or (2) Request access to our “data room” and research by calling (202) 536-5864.