Tackling new software can feel like an out-of-control race car, particularly when it’s a program designed to manage the thousands of documents streaming into your organization at 200 miles per hour.But just as pulling out of a spin when driving has become almost intuitive (after you’ve driven for a few years), following these tips when using (DMS) will have you up-and-running forward in short order.

1. Have a Map

    1. You don’t start a race without knowing where the finish line is, so don’t expect your organization to adopt DMS without a plan or map of where and how the platform will be used.
    2. Most enterprise document management systems have multiple features such as document uploads, indexing, search functions, document processing, document security, workspace collaboration, and customized dashboards. Work with your internal team and your provider to prioritize the features that make sense for your organization.

2. Simplify the User Journey

    • Your team wants to step on the gas and go. Most of them don’t understand (and aren’t interested in) the inner workings of the engine.
    • Establishing rules-of-the-road will make it easy for your user community to use your DMS platform. Areas where consistency is important to include:
      • Folder Structure – creating formats for organizing and naming files will help users locate and understand the DMS. Folders and sub-folder titles should be clear, concise and not-duplicated – e.g., don’t have a data‘ sub-folder in each main folder.
      • Document Naming – most DMS products will have templates to encourage consistent naming conventions, with the option to customize conventions to meet your organization’s needs.
      • File Cabinets – having a virtual file cabinet for each client or each area of your business deal will make navigation more straightforward for your users (and the auditors!)
      • Permissions – consider implementing pre-set authorizations to your DMS, determining which file cabinets and folders individuals and teams can access.

3. Train the Team

    • The best pit crews didn’t start out lightning fast. Plan to train small groups of users (5-10 people) about the document management system after the platform is installed.
    • Keep the training outcome-focused by discussing:
      • Your goals with DMS – take groups through the platform’s functions and uses, how it is structured and administered.
      • Rules to follow when using the DMS – outline the user journey guidelines, including workflows and security protocols.
      • Examples how the DMS affects daily activities – show how to create folders with the organization’s defined structure, how to upload documents and use the organization’s naming conventions, how to make changes to documents within the DMS, and how to search the platform.

Winning the race or closing the deal involves planning, a fast, safe and reliable vehicle for carrying you on the journey, and a team focused on results.

CapLinked’s document management system makes it easy to achieve your goals with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that has top-notch security protocols and customizable permission settings. Our DMS is accessible from any device desktop or mobile without the time and expense of installing software.

We’ll work with you to outline a system that’s right for your organization and will help train your team – showing them how to create a workspace in less than 10 minutes. Your pit crews‘ productivity will amaze!

Let us show you how CapLinked’s DMSand virtual data rooms can streamline your workloads faster than competitors, getting you across the finish line and on to the next race.