A search tool is an extremely useful feature for any web application. It allows users to filter through material in an efficient manner by searching for a keyword or phrase. This functionality can be especially useful when handling massive amounts of online data for due diligence or any other project-related purposes.

Here at CapLinked, our workspaces are built to handle massive amounts of data. To manage this data, we offer a universal search function on all workspaces. With this functionality, users can search workspaces for words or phrases. The search presents all areas in which the inputted term has been used in a workspace by scanning folders, files, text, and even text within images. For security purposes, the search only analyzes the folders and files that each user has authorized access to. The order in which the results are presented is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the frequency of the term and if there is a full or partial match. This ranking of search results makes it so that only the most relevant results are at the top of the page.

In addition to offering a universal search function on all workspaces, the CapLinked developers are ready to work with you to implement a search function on your existing system. Adding this functionality will ease the process of looking for specific words or phrases within your existing system. Contact our sales team to learn more about how a custom search integration can make your system more efficient.