You are looking for a workflow solution that will help you securely store and share important documents. There are many options, and legacy players like Intralinks and Merrill Datasite are industry staples.

Sales representatives from legacy technology companies know a lot about expensive steak dinners. They’re adroit at ordering the best wine off the menu. And they somehow have a knack for conjuring up court-side seats at the Knicks.


An initial customer experience with one of the big players may seem great. When it comes to technology that is easy to use, implement, and customize, let’s just say they don’t have a lot going on.

When you pay something so much for an account with a legacy player, you would expect a lot from their product. However, there are several common obstacles when implementing and using their software:

  1. Staying up to date with the newest software and plugins is a hassle.
  2. Getting ahold of the support team is next to impossible.
  3. Customizing the product to your specific needs is not really an option.
  4. Using the product is not all that intuitive, and the user interface has not been updated in a long time.
  5. You pay for storage based on how many files you upload, and your fees may increase after you’ve signed a contract.

Legacy companies will try to wine and dine you, but ultimately deliver an inferior product. CapLinked is the best solution for your storage and sharing needs. Here’s why.

  1. Our support team is responsive. If you’re having issues with the product, someone from CapLinked will personally address the problem and ensure it gets resolved in a timely manner (after all, your deal depends on it).
  2. We want your input on the product. CapLinked is constantly making upgrades to the user interface that make the product more robust and intuitive.
  3. Pricing is transparent. You pay per year of use, and the fees are not based on how much you upload or how much storage you need on our secure servers.
  4. CapLinked is actually easy to use. The CapLinked platform runs in your browser and doesn’t use plugins, so you and those you share with don’t need to constantly update software.

You wouldn’t expect your firm to spend one million dollars to buy you a steak dinner. But that’s what you could be doing when you sign up for a contract with a service like Intralinks or Merrill. Sure, they’ll wine and dine you, but at the end of the day your company is going to pay dearly for it… And it’s the tab you keep on paying. The invisible ‘bill’ comes in the form of lower productivity, slower deal execution, and cumbersome workflow… So the next time the Intralinks or Merrill salesman comes knocking, you need to ask yourself, “Do I want to foot the bill for the overpriced steak?”

To get learn more about CapLinked, visit our How It Works Page. Or to get in touch with sales or schedule a demo of the product, click the button below.