CapLinked is on the move! We’ve introduced a number of improvements to make it easier to manage contacts and communicate about a deal.

New and Improved Connections. The address book has been renamed “Connections” to better represent how it works. Connections have now been fully integrated with CapLinked’s features for sharing deals, inviting people to company reports, and requesting recommendations. You can import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or Outlook into your Connections. (Note: Importing contacts into Connections does not cause them to receive notices or automatically be signed up for CapLinked.)

Screenshot of the new and improved Connections (email addresses redacted).

Organize Connections using Tags. Similar to the “Groups” feature in Gmail contacts, you can now create tags for your Connections to organize them into groups that make sense to you (e.g. “former colleagues,” “angel investors,” or “broker-dealers”). Tags come in very handy when you’re sharing a deal, inviting people to a company, or requesting recommendations.  If you’re an investor or broker-dealer, tags are a must to help with deal syndicating.

Send Messages to Deal Recipients. We’ve added a “Messages” tab to our deal rooms to make it easier for the deal room administrators to send notices to the recipient.

Simplify Due Diligence with Roles. Don’t let all the “bubble” talk fool you—yes, Virginia, there really is due diligence. We just made the process easier by allowing deal room administrators to create customized roles (such as “lawyers” or “committed investors”) for the deal and manage access to documents and messages based on those roles.  This enables the deal admin to manage when individuals are sent information during the process.