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What Is a VDR?

What Is a Virtual Data Room?

Learn how virtual data rooms came into practice and how they displaced physical rooms for…
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how to build an m&a model

How To Build an M&A Model

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are a common type of business transaction, with mergers reaching all-time-high…
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how to find a venture capitalist

Expert Tips and Tricks on How To Find a Venture Capitalist

The funding process, which is typically funneled through a venture capital (VC) firm, is an…
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What’s Included in Business Purchase Agreements?

What Should Be Included in an M&A Business Purchase Agreement?

Buying, selling and merging a business is a common type of transaction in the business…
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5 Types of Phishing and How To Avoid Them

What Is Phishing and How Can Your Business Avoid It?

The devil is in the data: according to Cleardin, 83% of organizations experience phishing attacks…
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how to liquidate a business

How To Liquidate a Business During Turbulent Market Conditions

Meta Description Discover how to liquidate a business in order to close the company and…
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How To Get Funding for Startups

Startup Funding: How To Raise Capital for a Startup

When is the best time to start raising capital for your startup? Sooner than you…
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9 essential elements of a valid contract for m&as

9 Essential Elements of a Valid Contract for Merger and Acquisition Deals

Merger and acquisition (M&A) contracts contain elements that communicate the terms and conditions of the…
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how to liquidate a business

How To Liquidate a Business During Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Liquidation is the process of converting property or assets into cash or cash equivalents by…
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A Guide to Distressed Debt Investing

A Comprehensive Guide to Distressed Debt Investing

While there are always some ups and downs in the economy from year to year,…
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commercial real estate due diligence checklist

What Does Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Look Like?

No matter what type of business you’re involved in, there’s going to come a time…
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Buy-Side vs. Sell-Side M&A Analysts

Buy-Side vs Sell-Side M&A: What You Need to Know

Business transactions are always transpiring, with companies buying, selling and merging. Naturally, all this activity…
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8 Steps to Streamline Post-Merger Integration

Change is a constant in the business world. Companies are founded, expanded, split, spun and…
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Why Are Tech Stocks Down?

Why Are Tech Stocks Down, and What Impact Will This Have on M&As?

Tech stocks, which is a shorthand term for technology stocks, are stocks issued by companies…
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9 Questions to Ask a Venture Capitalist

Before You Secure Investments, Ask Venture Capitalists These 9 Questions

Securing venture capital doesn't just inject your company with cash, it paves the way for…
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How To Password Protect PowerPoint

How To Protect PowerPoint Presentations Across All Platforms

Choosing to protect a PowerPoint presentation offers peace of mind in a few different ways,…
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Restructuring for M&A Success: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation restructuring can occur while an M&A transaction is underway. Learn how and what…
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liquidation preference for transactional payouts

Everything You Need To Know About Liquidation Preference for Transactional Payouts

Knowing exactly what liquidation preference is and how it's used is vital in the world…
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What Is a Management Buyout in M&A Transactions?

A management buyout is one of many types of deals that falls under the mergers…
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How To Password Protect PowerPoint

How To Protect PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you’re dealing with sensitive client info, for-company-eyes-only internal data or a pitch deck that’s…
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