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Stay up to date on the latest industry news and trends, and don’t miss CapLinked product and company announcements. From file-sharing news to the latest data privacy law updates, we cover the data security topics your business needs to know.

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lawyer shaking hands with client

What is the Role of an M&A Lawyer?

Understand the key duties and expertise required of an M&A lawyer.
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two men shaking hands

Joint Venture vs Strategic Alliance: What Strategy is Right For Your Business?

CapLinked’s joint venture vs strategic alliance comparison guide explores how both strategies work. Find out…
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professional man dealing with unreasonable client requests

How to Cope with Crazy Client Requests

Sometimes, the “needs” part of “client needs” is grossly exaggerated. When due diligence questions get…
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employees checking documents

Is WeTransfer Secure When it Comes to Sensitive Documents? (Spoiler: It’s Not!)

Is WeTransfer safe to use when sensitive and confidential sharing files? Discover some of the…
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Enterprise Value vs Market Cap — Which is More Important for M&As?

This enterprise value vs market cap comparison guide looks at the key differences between the…
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Protect Your Confidential Documents with These Easy PDF Locking Techniques

Don't risk your confidential information being compromised. Secure your pdfs with our step-by-step guide on…
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Capital Calls: Your Complete Guide

Private equity firms use capital calls to manage cash flow and gain access to funds.…
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what to do if your team is underperforming

Do Your Analysts or Associates Suck? Here’s What to Do

If you’re an MD or VP and ever think “my team sucks,” here are a…
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M&A Freelancer

Should You Hire an M&A Freelancer to Close Your Deal?

Is the new wave of M&A freelancers an alternative to traditional investment banks for buyers…
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recapitalization for M&As strategy meeting

Understanding When Recapitalization May Be Necessary for a Successful M&A

Recapitalization is a strategy that companies use during an M&A transaction to make the deal…
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calculate working capital

How to Calculate Working Capital to Assess the Health of Potential Targets

In Doing M&A due diligence, it's important to consider the working capital of the target…
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top M&A deal killers

10 Deal Killers to Avoid at All Costs

The dreaded deal killer takes many shapes, but if you know what to look for…
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How to Make Your Company an Attractive Target for Strategic Buyers

If you are looking to sell your company, understanding how to be an attractive target…
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The Complete Guide to Compiling a Due Diligence Report

Writing a due diligence report? Find all you need to know to complete the due…
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How to Password-Protect Zip Files

Zip files are a fast and easy option when you need to share large or…
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Is Dropbox Secure Enough for Enterprise Use?

Dropbox is one of the most popular file-sharing tools available but is Dropbox safe enough…
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I'm an MD and I feel like everyone hates me

Do Your Reports Hate You? Here’s What to Do

If you ever think “I feel like everyone hates me,” when looking at your team…
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understanding death spirals M&A

Why Companies Still Use Death Spirals

A “death spiral” is a type of debt financing often used as a last resort.…
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ultimate guide to secure document storage

The Ultimate Guide to Secure Document Storage

The need to safely store and retrieve documents securely is critical. Use this guide to…
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tips for due diligence question lists

Rise & Grind: Tips for Getting Through Endless DD Question Lists

Spending hours working away at due diligence questions can be mind-numbing. Here are some strategies…
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Recent Trends in Information Security

Understanding the potential effects of recent data security trends on your business can help you stay at the forefront of cyber security solutions. Consider the following work-related data security developments:

  • Mobile security – With the growth of remote work, the mobile cybersecurity trend continues at full speed. Mobile phones store vast amounts of sensitive data, and businesses are adding new security features to safeguard against outside threats. 

  • Zero Trust approaches – To prevent insider threats and to adjust for remote log-ins and access, this security solution requires all users—in and out of the network—to be continuously authenticated and authorized.

Where are Security Trends Headed?

Data security news continues developing alongside scientific breakthroughs, legal changes, and new international threats. Check out the most pressing security issues and data protection topics of tomorrow:

  • Data privacy – Developments in big data and data science have led to more robust laws governing personal data. Stay up to date with evolving privacy regulations. 

  • AI-driven cyber security – Machine learning techniques effectively analyze vast amounts of data to identify potential network-wide cyber threats. 

  • Stronger critical infrastructure – As state-sponsored, international cyber attack strategies become more sophisticated, countries are improving the cyber resilience of their critical infrastructure—the most basic physical and digital security systems for a country to function.

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