CapLinked makes it easy to share your workspace with pasteable, secure links to any accredited investor. Need to share your workspace via email, Skype, or an investor matchmaking site like AngelList? Just copy the unique link found inside your Workspace and paste it anywhere you would like. When someone clicks the secure link, they will see a preview of the Workspace summary and a button which will allow them to request secure access. A notification will be sent to the Workspace admin who will then be able to approve or deny the request. The entire process is secure and allows for easy sharing of your Workspace with anyone you do business with.

Share Link

If you elect for your Workspace to be shareable, a unique link will be created for you to share in emails, chat, or through private messages on networking sites.


Workspace Preview

Potential investors who click the link will be taken to this page where they can request access to your Workspace. No access will be given until the request has been approved.