The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) launched the Service Organization Control (SOC) reporting platform in order to realign reporting on service organizations with widely accepted accounting principles. The SOC 2 report, which is performed in accordance with AT 101, is specifically designed for technology and cloud computing services. According to the description of SOC 2 on the SSAE-16 website, the report “focuses on a business’s non-financial reporting controls” and is “based upon the Trust Services Principles.”

CapLinked has recently become SOC 2 compliant. Our report was carried out with a focus on the security, availability, and confidentiality Trust Services Principles since these are the aspects most pertinent to our product. Read below to learn the definitions of these principles, provided by the SSAE-16 Reporting Standard, and how CapLinked achieves them.

    Security– “The system is protected, both logically and physically, against unauthorized access.”

    At CapLinked, security is a priority. We employ many features to ensure a secure connection, reliable storage and hosting, and controlled access. To learn about all the security features we utilize, visit our security page.

    Availability– “The system is available for operation and use as committed or agreed to.”

    Downtime, or when the service is unavailable, can be costly to a cloud service’s users. In fact, depending on the scope of the cloud application and the size of the adopting organization, downtime can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. That is why we guarantee a 99.9% uptime here at CapLinked.

    Confidentiality– “Information that is designated “confidential” is protected as committed or agreed.”

    CapLinked promises confidentiality through customizable permission settings. Administrators can set customized permissions that allow each user different privileges on each document. In addition, administrators can set password authentication for any document.

CapLinked is a secure collaboration and workflow solution perfect for complex projects. To explore all of the ways CapLinked makes managing your deal simple and secure, check out our advantages page.