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Open an enterprise data room and CapLinked will pick up the tab on a luxury reward of your choice.

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The Cloud for Enterprise: Beyond Dropbox

Dropbox is a household name. Designed as a storage tool for document, video, and photo backup and sync, the company has grown to be a frontrunner pioneering easy to access cloud storage.  However, Dropbox poses serious security concerns for enterprises. Dropbox was built with the individual user in mind, not the enterprise corporation. This makes … Read more

Cloud-based storage solutions for the BYODevice Market

With ever-increasing connectivity, the global data environment is fast becoming a mobile world.   Whether accessing data through USB drives, smart phones, tablets, or laptops, the ability of companies to monitor and control data has emerged as a formidable challenge. Mobile access has driven the evolution of a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) culture in … Read more

Learn how to Manage and Share your Deal Webinar Recording

If you missed our webinar on how to manage and share your deals, here’s your chance to hear the CapLinked team give you tips on the best way to market your deal rooms. CapLinked deal rooms can be used for raising capital, selling an asset, litigation, and any other document-intensive project. Click on this link to view recording: Learn … Read more

How Advisors Can Help You Close a Deal

Closing a financial deal is seldom easy. Advisors who can help you through the process and connect you with prospective investors are often the difference between success and failure. Advisors come in many types, but here are some of the key advisors you should consider working with if you’re in the process of raising capital … Read more

Better Networking & Closing Deals Faster Webinar Recording

If you missed our webinar on how CapLinked’s new PRO service can benefit you, here’s your chance to hear the  CapLinked team take you through the enhanced features you have access to with CapLinked PRO accounts. You’ll learn how PRO can help you  manage your capital raise, network with investors and companies, and enhance your online … Read more

Supercharge Your Deal-Making with CapLinked PRO Accounts

We’re pleased to announce the release of PRO accounts, a new type of account from CapLinked with enhanced features for managing a capital raise or asset sale, and networking with other private investing professionals. CapLinked PRO accounts are meant for business professionals who are serious about closing deals and networking with investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs. … Read more

Congress Considers Big Changes to Private Investing Rules

Dan Primack from Fortune reports that the ban on “general solicitation” for private investments could soon be eliminated thanks to a bill introduced in the House of Representatives. According to Primack: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has introduced a short bill that would direct the SEC to “eliminate the prohibition against general solicitation as a requirement … Read more

New Tools for Managing Contacts and Sharing Deals

CapLinked is on the move! We’ve introduced a number of improvements to make it easier to manage contacts and communicate about a deal. New and Improved Connections. The address book has been renamed “Connections” to better represent how it works. Connections have now been fully integrated with CapLinked’s features for sharing deals, inviting people to … Read more