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Open an enterprise data room and CapLinked will pick up the tab on a luxury reward of your choice.

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Whitepaper: The Changing Face of M&A

In today’s unsteady macroeconomic climate, M&A trends are not easily characterized or predicted. The value of transactions is slowly increasing during this economic climate and there is reason for optimism. Companies with the strongest M&A performance are distinguished by their effective strategies and unique toolset. CapLinked’s free whitepaper, The Changing Face of M & A, explains … Read more

New Tools for Managing Contacts and Sharing Deals

CapLinked is on the move! We’ve introduced a number of improvements to make it easier to manage contacts and communicate about a deal. New and Improved Connections. The address book has been renamed “Connections” to better represent how it works. Connections have now been fully integrated with CapLinked’s features for sharing deals, inviting people to … Read more

What is this Due Diligence Thing Anyway?

One of the least understood, yet most important, parts of the investment business is due diligence. Everybody has a different idea of what it is, why it exists, and how it should be conducted. For many entrepreneurs and brokers, due diligence is the enemy. They fear due diligence will be used and excuse to kill … Read more

Free Templates for Capital Raises (plus Other Key Documents)

While the cloud helps startups and small businesses cut down on physical paperwork, it doesn’t eliminate the role documents play in getting business done. In fact, it’s often dangerous for young companies to cut corners and assume that emails and bullet points are sufficient to capture agreements and complex transactions. This is why CapLinked is … Read more