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Whitepaper: Leveraging Technology to Raise Capital

Raising capital in the past used to be a relatively straightforward experience. With the advent of new technologies and channels through which to raise capital, there are now more elements of the financing process to consider than ever before. CapLinked’s free Whitepaper, “Leveraging Technology to Raise Capital” examines recent trends in financing and highlights best … Read more

CapLinked’s News Weekly Wrap Up

Top features in CapLinked’s weekly social media: What Angel Investors REALLY Want to See  Some inside tips on how to attract angel investments to your business. The Time to Start a Company is Now If you’ve got a business idea here are some points why you should start it now. Crowdfunding Update: FAQ’s for Entrepreneur … Read more

How CapLinked helped RezVen Partners close an investment round

Today we’re speaking with Anderee Berengian , Principal of RezVen Partners, to learn how his company used CapLinked’s platform to manage their deal documents. What does your company do? We invest in and advise early stage technology companies. How did you use CapLinked? We used CapLinked to close an investment round in a software company and … Read more

Featured CapLinked User MidasLP Q&A

Today we’re speaking with Steven Ogunro, a Partner at MidasLP.       1) What does your company do? MidasLP invests in the world’s best pre-IPO companies. For us, the best companies have high gross and/or net margins, an enormous number of customers, significant global growth prospects and limited competition. Some of the companies that we … Read more

How Do You Know When an Investor is Blowing You Off?

An entrepreneur’s most valuable resource is time. Starting and building a company puts extreme stress on the ability of anyone to manage all the different personal and professional responsibilities involved. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for most entrepreneurs. At least that’s true for most of those who are successful. With all of … Read more

New Tools for Managing Contacts and Sharing Deals

CapLinked is on the move! We’ve introduced a number of improvements to make it easier to manage contacts and communicate about a deal. New and Improved Connections. The address book has been renamed “Connections” to better represent how it works. Connections have now been fully integrated with CapLinked’s features for sharing deals, inviting people to … Read more

How to Leverage Your Network for Raising Capital

Many first-time entrepreneurs become discouraged when they realize how challenging it can be to raise capital for their business. Closing a round can often take months, and that’s if you’re lucky and can convince people to invest in your business. But don’t give up. When the going gets tough, break open your Rolodex and get … Read more

What is Your Company or Asset Really Worth?

Do you have the next Facebook, Groupon, or Google? Or do you have the next eToys or Webvan? Do you  have a trophy real estate asset like South Coast Plaza or a broken down strip center out in San Bernadino? Almost everyone who owns a company or an asset tends to overly optimistic about its value. … Read more