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What Should Be in an Investor Data Room?

When it comes to closing a round of investments, how you present your company — specifically, how you present the documents that measure your company’s strengths and performance — is key. The goal, of course, is to present the most accurate and compelling picture of your company to a group of prospective investors who see … Read more

Whitepaper: The Changing Face of M&A

In today’s unsteady macroeconomic climate, M&A trends are not easily characterized or predicted. The value of transactions is slowly increasing during this economic climate and there is reason for optimism. Companies with the strongest M&A performance are distinguished by their effective strategies and unique toolset. CapLinked’s free whitepaper, The Changing Face of M & A, explains … Read more

Introducing a new way to manage your files

We’ve rebuilt our file manager from the ground up What’s new? Everything. We’ve revamped the look and feel of files that are managed in a workspace, and added tons of new functionality to make managing your deals and staying organized easier. Take a look at what we’ve changed: Easy to Use Interface You’ll immediately noticed … Read more

Goodbye, Firewall: Managing Deals in the Cloud

The age of firewalls, onsite servers, and implementation teams is coming to an end. Enterprise software is moving into the cloud, and with it we’re seeing a whole new way of doing business. Companies are increasingly comfortable with web-based software because of the advantages it offers in terms of cost, security, and ease-of-use. As this … Read more