Get Rewarded for Opening an Enterprise-Level VDR.

Open an enterprise data room and CapLinked will pick up the tab on a luxury reward of your choice.

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Looking for Investors? Advisors? Clients?

It’s true that CapLinked is the best cloud-based service for deal rooms and investor relations. But did you know that you can also use our site to network with other private investment professionals? If you are looking to meet investors, broker-dealers, lawyers, or other professionals, you can use your CapLinked account to introduce yourself. Our … Read more

Better Networking & Closing Deals Faster Webinar Recording

If you missed our webinar on how CapLinked’s new PRO service can benefit you, here’s your chance to hear the  CapLinked team take you through the enhanced features you have access to with CapLinked PRO accounts. You’ll learn how PRO can help you  manage your capital raise, network with investors and companies, and enhance your online … Read more

New Features to Help You Connect with Investors and Private Companies

We are committed to making CapLinked the world’s premiere platform for connecting, sharing deals, and managing private investments. Here are some of the tools we’ve recently introduced to help you network on our site: Get Recommended. Collect recommendations from people you’ve done business with and display them on your user profile.  This fosters credibility when you … Read more

How to Leverage Your Network for Raising Capital

Many first-time entrepreneurs become discouraged when they realize how challenging it can be to raise capital for their business. Closing a round can often take months, and that’s if you’re lucky and can convince people to invest in your business. But don’t give up. When the going gets tough, break open your Rolodex and get … Read more