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Open an enterprise data room and CapLinked will pick up the tab on a luxury reward of your choice.

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CapLinked Walkthrough

Check out this webinar for a brief overview of how to use CapLinked to grow your business.  We give you a high level view of the power of CapLinked Workspaces, in this example for an M&A transaction.  We also introduce some of our new features, including Workspace tagging, a quick and easy way to organize and access … Read more

CapLinked Business Plan Competition Pitch-Off Invitation

Last fall we invited CapLinked users to enter our first business plan competition, and now our judges have narrowed the field down to the 5 best entries. Join us this week week for an online pitch–off where the finalists go head-to-head to claim first place. See what it takes to craft a perfect pitch and … Read more

Calling All Entrepreneurs! CapLinked’s Worldwide Pitch Competition is Accepting Entries

We wanted to share with you the press release we just put out about our pitch competition. We think it’s important to give entrepreneurs starting innovative companies ways to get noticed, and we hope this will be able to accomplish that. If you’re starting a company, enter our contest. If you can help us get the word out, … Read more

What’s It Take to Get Venture Capital Funding?

Today we’re speaking with Jim Andelman, general partner of Rincon Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund located in Southern California. What are the most important factors you take into account when considering an investment?  If the top three in real estate are location, location and location, the top three for us when investing in … Read more

We’ve Just Closed a Funding Round–Using CapLinked’s Site

CapLinked is pleased to announce that we have closed an angel round of $525,000, bringing total capital raised for our company to over $900,000. The investors in this round include PayPal alumni Peter Thiel (technology entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and co-founder of PayPal), Dave McClure (founding partner of 500 Startups), Joe Lonsdale (co-founder of Palantir Technologies), … Read more

What is Your Company or Asset Really Worth?

Do you have the next Facebook, Groupon, or Google? Or do you have the next eToys or Webvan? Do you  have a trophy real estate asset like South Coast Plaza or a broken down strip center out in San Bernadino? Almost everyone who owns a company or an asset tends to overly optimistic about its value. … Read more

5 Things to Know Before Raising Capital

1. Raising Capital is Hard Work This might sound obvious, but in this day of highly publicized deal-making many have the impression that all you need to do is hang out a shingle and watch the investment capital pour in. If your previous company was Twitter or Facebook, that might be true. But in 99% … Read more

Free Templates for Capital Raises (plus Other Key Documents)

While the cloud helps startups and small businesses cut down on physical paperwork, it doesn’t eliminate the role documents play in getting business done. In fact, it’s often dangerous for young companies to cut corners and assume that emails and bullet points are sufficient to capture agreements and complex transactions. This is why CapLinked is … Read more

New Features: Meeting Investors and Integration with MS Outlook

We just launched a pair of new feature for CapLinked. First, we’ve added a tool that allows users to send direct messages to people and companies on the site. This allows users to introduce themselves to other CapLinked users and to connect with a company spokesman, who will then have the option of whether or … Read more