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Private Company Valuation Simplified

Both entrepreneurs and investors seem to often get confused with the various terms and math that go into determining valuation and the steps behind it. Valuing early stage companies, especially those heavily dependent on intellectual property and management talent, is extremely subjective. Consequently, valuation of these companies is subject to much speculation about the company’s … Read more

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel on Facebook, Bubbles, and Innovation

In this exclusive interview Peter Thiel–co-founder of PayPal and managing partner of Founders Fund–discusses why he  invested in Facebook, the differences between Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and why he would not start PayPal today knowing what he now knows. (Disclosure: Thiel is an investor in CapLinked.) Last fall you announced the “20 Under 20” scholarship … Read more

What is Your Company or Asset Really Worth?

Do you have the next Facebook, Groupon, or Google? Or do you have the next eToys or Webvan? Do you  have a trophy real estate asset like South Coast Plaza or a broken down strip center out in San Bernadino? Almost everyone who owns a company or an asset tends to overly optimistic about its value. … Read more

Valuations of Private Web Companies Soar

A new Bloomberg/BusinessWeek article on private company valuations quotes CapLinked CEO Eric M. Jackson. According to a study by Nyppex, secondary market valuations of private, venture-backed web companies have increased by 54% since June of this year. This compares to a 21% increase in the Nasdaq. Among the tech high-flyers are Facebook (valued at $41 billion), … Read more