Mastering The Lost Art of Communicating With Investors” by Peter Bodine (VentureBeat) – A great summary of why staying in touch with your investors is critical, and how it can make or break your business down the line.

“What History Tells Us about Helping Small Business” by Barbara Weltman (MyVenturePad)– An interesting retracing of the history behind the government’s attempts to aid small businesses.

Angel Investing: Exit Dependence Investment Models” by The Hyper Team (VentureHype)– A well-rounded report on how angel investors rely heavily on a company’s ability to have a strong exit strategy.

New Venture Capital Firms In A Shrinking Industry” by Scott Austin (Wall Street Journal)– Many Venture Capital firms have shut their doors recently, but these are the new emerging players.

“The Business Wisdom of Steve Jobs” by Tia Jackson (Brazen Careerist)– 10 tips for the budding entrepreneur from the best of them all Mr. Steve Jobs.