How IT Professionals Can Leverage Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is impacting the way organizations do business by offering a competitive advantage to those courageous enough to think outside the box. It plays an integral role in making sure employees are in constant contact, allowing efficient collaboration by speeding up workflow and reducing the costs of existing processes. The cloud is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but is essential to a company’s infrastructure.

Cloud computing is transforming the IT industry, not only because it offers powerful technology solutions at a variety of price points, but because it promotes change in the role of the IT organization itself.  Applications and data that was previously on-site are now on a server outside of the company’s locations.  The impact on IT is obvious in two categories: Financial and Operational. In terms of finance, cost of software and hardware is decreased for users because they are no longer involved in buying, licensing, or maintaining other assets. In terms of operations, companies are no longer using software and hardware operations such as changing control, versioning, maintenance, refreshes, storage, and upgrades.  Organizations no longer have to worry about data and application backup and availability, as these have been passed onto the cloud provider.

IT professionals need to leverage cloud solutions and utilize a different skill set.  If they don’t, they could risk being left as IT order-taker. Companies must plan, architect, and combine complex solutions to their internal environment, but they will not operate it. Traditionally, IT professionals would select applications and deploy them, but cloud software and mobile technology empowers users to select the what they want use their own devices.

Thus, builders of enterprise applications must make them quicker, more flexible, and more secure. IT managers that leverage new solutions of outsourcing applications to cloud vendors to reduce budget without reducing value are going to be leaders. Today’s IT professionals should only use vendors who are transparent about how they protect data and have certifications audited by third parties (such as SAS70 or SSAE16). Cloud solutions are here to stay, and IT professionals should get on board and utilize the technology to improve their organization.

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