Dropbox is a household name. Designed as a storage tool for document, video, and photo backup and sync, the company has grown to be a frontrunner pioneering easy to access cloud storage.  However, Dropbox poses serious security concerns for enterprises.

Dropbox was built with the individual user in mind, not the enterprise corporation. This makes it difficult for large corporations to monitor, govern, and retain control over data and information. When an employee shares a folder or file with someone on Dropbox, it’s impossible to know where it goes next.  OwnCloud estimates 40-75% of employees are using Dropbox to share files inside and outside of their businesses. Half of those Dropbox users do this even though they know it’s against company policy.

This disregard of storage policy increases the potential for data leakage and security breaches.  Cloud-based solutions for secure working environments need activity tracking and audit trails to keep the company, not the individual in control of sensitive information.

CapLinked provides users with the same convenience of accessibility, but on a secure, trackable platform with advanced security and activity tools. Connect with us today for a personal demo.